Multiplication Signs: 9 Signs It’s Time to Find a Tutor for Math

Multiplication Signs: 9 Signs It’s Time to Find a Tutor for Math

On average, students are working on three or more hours of homework per night. With statistics like that, it is easy to say that homework is stressful. Not only that, but homework can be difficult as well. Sometimes, getting a tutor for subjects like math is a great way to help your child do better in school and also be less stressed as well. If you are unsure if your child needs a tutor or not, we've put together a list of 9 reasons your child needs a tutor for math.

1. "I Hate Math"

Chances are, you've probably heard your child say this at least once or twice. If it becomes a common phrase said while doing their homework, your child may just be frustrated and confused with math. Getting a tutor is a great way to help ease any frustration they may have towards math. After working with a tutor, your child may find that they don't actually hate math, and instead will become more confident in the subject as well. This can lead to becoming more confident in class as well. Once they become more confident, they can be more comfortable asking questions in class which will lead to a better understanding of the material.

2. Poor Time-Management

School poses a lot of challenges. The way your child manages their time is one of them. Sometimes, it may not even be because your child is playing video games or watching TV. Extracurricular activities may make it difficult for your child to go to school, play sports, and do homework all in one day. A tutor is a great way to help your child manage their time well. They can teach your child how to manage their time and get their homework done in a more timely manner. They will put your child on homework schedules and help them make sure they complete their homework on time. There are many different types of tutors as well that work for different types of schedules, such as Thinkster Math.

3. Slipping Grades

When your child brings home their report card, you might notice that their usual A's and B's have turned into C's or even D's. While it may seem alarming, not all hope is lost. When a topic in math can be difficult, it may cause your child to grow frustrated with the subject and lose interest. They may stop paying attention in class which can further harm their grades. Getting a tutor can help them get back on track and on the road to being the A and B student they once were.

4. Maximum Effort, Minimal Result

Is your child staying up all night studying for a test, only to find themselves not getting the grades they'd hoped for? Math is one of those subjects that builds on each lesson. If one concept was difficult for them, it could lead to more complications with each building concept. A math tutor can help your child get to the root of the problem and get them back on track.

5. Less Parent Supervision

As a parent, helping your children with their homework is an important job. Sometimes, outside commitments can get in the way of that. Whether you work late or have other commitments, you may not be there to help your child out when a problem comes up. It could even be that you yourself don't like math or are unfamiliar with the concepts! Getting a tutor can help take your place and give them the guidance they need when it comes to math.

6. Help, I Need Somebody

Your child may just need an extra push. Maybe they've gone to their teacher after school for help but are still confused. Getting a tutor is not a negative thing. It doesn't mean that your child isn't smart or that math isn't their "thing". We all need extra help at different points in our lives. Getting help for school is a perfectly great thing to do. A tutor can help them make sure they understand everything as they are learning it. When a question arises, the tutor can answer it right away and keep your child on track. As your child gets more confident in math, that inner self-critic will start to go away and your child will become stronger in their math skills.

7. Learning Disabilities

If your child is struggling in math, they may have a learning disability like ADHD or dyslexia. You should consult with your doctor or a child psychologist who can properly diagnose them. In the meantime, getting a tutor can help your child get through the homework and better understand the concepts. Lots of tutors have experience working with children with learning disabilities and can better help them with school.

8. Stress and Anxiety

School can be stressful. Yet, does your child get super anxious or stressed out before every test? Do they hate going to class because it makes them feel anxious? These can be signs that your child needs a tutor. They could be stressed because they don't understand concepts, or that they are not performing as great as they think they should. A tutor can help calm their nerves and help them through the stressful parts of math. They can help your child study effectively for tests so that they go into school feeling confident that they can do it.

9. They Refuse to Do Homework

Is homework a chore for them that they don't want to do? Maybe they don't turn in homework on time or don't do it completely. A tutor can help with this issue. As tutors watch and monitor your child's homework, your child is then held accountable for their work. A tutor can help them remember deadlines as well, making it easier for your child to know when something is due.

The Benefits of Getting a Tutor For Math

Sometimes, your child needs that little extra push to help them succeed in school. Getting a tutor for math is a perfect way to help them out! Talking to your child and asking what they need is a great way to begin that conversation on whether they need a tutor or not. There are so many great types of tutors out there, from in person to online, that there is an option for every type of need. Working on homework can really work your appetite. Does your child need that perfect healthy snack while working on math? Check out our article on low carb and keto foods to try out!

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