5 Reasons You Must Get Professional Roof Inspection

5 Reasons You Must Get Professional Roof Inspection

Do you remember the last time you had a professional roofing contractor come in for a roof inspection? If you cannot remember, it might just be time to get one immediately. The roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It keeps you, your family, and your property safe from extreme weather conditions. It keeps you cool when the sun is blazing hot, dry and warm when it is rainy and wet, and you should also make an effort to take care of it. The roof offers you the first line of defense against the elements, and it is unfortunate that many people take the roof for granted until it becomes a problem. Thinking about the roof only when a problem comes up can mean that you will be in for a lot of expensive repairs. There will come a time when you might need to replace the roof. However, it is possible to extend your roof’s lifespan by taking care of its maintenance. Scheduling professional roof inspection services at least once a year can help you keep track of its condition. We will discuss some of the reasons why roof inspections are important and why you should never delay calling in the professionals for the job.

5 Reasons You Must Get Professional Roof Inspection

Let's take a look at some of the most important reasons why you must get a professional roof inspection at least once a year.

1. Damage due to maintenance work

Homeowners who are more conscious about their home's maintenance can call a wide range of professionals for various tasks. Professionals from air conditioning and heating companies often have to find their way to the roof to do their jobs. While they may be experts at handling everything related to HVAC systems, very few of them know how to walk on the roof properly. If any professional wearing boots and other safety equipment are not careful with how they work on the roof, you can expect them to cause damage. Many contractors for other maintenance tasks forget to clean up the debris they leave behind once they are done with the work. Between the damage caused by careless treading and debris moving around due to strong winds, you might end up with more damage than you realize. Scheduling professional roof inspection services can help you identify and resolve the problems before they can lead to expensive repairs for later.

2. General wear and tear

Homes are always built to last for a long time - but they cannot last forever. You need to take on home improvement projects over time to maintain the house and extend its life. Roofs are built to last for an average of 20-30 years if you consider standard wear and tear. The regular wear and tear still manage to cause minor damage that accumulates over time. You might not even see the damage. The wear and tear on your roof will gradually get to the point where the roof will develop openings that you cannot even see. If you leave the damage unchecked, it can lead to further damage, leaks, and a lot of expensive repairs. Regular inspections by professional roofing contractors can bring your attention to areas that have taken too much damage from weathering and help you make more well-informed decisions for maintenance work to prevent further damage.

3. To check for possible leaks on the roof

One problem that catches almost every homeowner by surprise is a leaking roof. Many homeowners do not realize they have hidden gaps on their roofs until heavy rains lead to water trickling down into the attic and the rest of the house. You might assume that the rain caused the leak. However, the rain and subsequent leak only highlighted an existing problem. When the roof leaks, you can even consider it a bit of good luck. A minor leak will at least highlight the problem before the hidden gap in the roof widens up much further and becomes a major problem. If there is no evidence of a leak, it can lead to undetected water infiltration from the roof. Just because you cannot see the water seeping inside does not mean it is not a problem. The unseen damage caused by water leaks like mold, wet insulation, rotting wood, or corrosion could deteriorate the very foundations of your home. Not noticing a leaking roof for long enough could mean that a little water damage might be the least of your worries. Scheduling roof inspections, even if the roof "looks" fine, can help you correctly identify the problem and take corrective action on time.

4. Immediately detect storm damage

Some people often schedule professional roof inspections right after a storm. Many homeowners choose to ignore their roofs even after major weather events. High-speed winds, storms, rain, hail, snow, and other weather events can speed up the natural wear and tear of your roof. The weather damage they cause can end up with your roof requiring significant repairs. Even if the roof seems like it weathered the storm well, scheduling a roof inspection might be the smart thing to do. There might be some hidden damage that the weather caused, leading to water infiltrating the roof. If the weather event did cause damage, you might need to make an insurance claim to cover the cost of repairs. Insurance loss adjusters report that most of the damage caused by storms is due to material, parts, or debris left on the roofs. If there are trees near your roof, branches falling off due to strong winds can also do a lot of damage. Scheduling an inspection can help you find and repair the damage before it gets worse.

5. Determine any necessary improvements

Calling in professionals to conduct roof inspections once or twice a year is also an ideal way for you to know whether your home needs improvements that affect the roof. Homeowners often set aside some money to budget for home improvement projects, but they often forget about the roof because it can endure so much. Suppose you are getting a new lighting system, installing a new HVAC system, improving the insulation in the attic, getting a better security system. In that case, roof access will be essential for most home improvement tasks. Scheduling roof inspections can highlight any necessary improvements for your roof that can make roof access easier, safer and improve your roof's overall functionality.

Work With Professional Roofing Contractors

Ensuring that you regularly schedule roof inspections at least once or twice a year can make a world of difference for you. Hiring a professional roofing contractor for roof inspection services is not that expensive, and it can give you valuable information about the condition of your roof. It can help you catch any necessary repairs early on and help you avoid more expensive repairs due to extensive damage later on. Working with the right professionals for your roof inspection is necessary to extend the lifetime of your roof before it needs replacement. Make sure you schedule professional roof inspection services and avoid any potential problems with your roof that could burn a hole in your pocket.

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