The Best Universities in UAE – A True Dream

The Best Universities in UAE – A True Dream

One of the biggest problems is choosing the best university in Dubai. While a lot of it does come to personal preference, tuition fee, the degree offered, the faculty and a plethora of other factors that play a role in influencing this decision, there are still a few universities that immediately sound a bell in our heads. Universities that people would dream about getting into.

Here are some of the top universities to get into when we are talking about the best universities in UAE.

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals – Saudi Arabia.

The number 1 ranked university in the UAE. The name speaks volumes as it is the university if you plan on perusing a career in petroleum and minerals. The petroleum industry in the UAE alone is a massive multi-billion-dollar industry, and a degree from here will almost guarantee you entry into a good job any company in the field.

The student body has a combined strength of 6,179 students that comprise national and international students.

The University is staffed with over 1000 faculty members and offers programs for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. You won’t be at any shortage for choices in programs here.

The university also offers programs in engineering, sciences, and management

If not the UAE, you can still pursue a lucrative career in the petroleum and minerals field all over the world. As it holds an incredible ranking at number #189.

This is definitely one of the better options if you plan on pursuing a career in one of the world’s most popular energy fields, guaranteeing a long-term and wealthy career at a grass root level.

American University of Beirut (AUB) – Beirut, Lebanon.

The university is the second-ranked university across the UAE and it offers a great variety of programs in over 120 fields. This includes undergraduate and postgraduate programs for those eager on having a lot of choices when choosing their major.

The student body comprises of over 8000 students who are national and international. Much like King Fahad, the faculty strength also numbers 1000, so you will find no shortage of qualified and learned teachers who are just waiting to impart knowledge on eager minds willing to learn.

Albeit it holds a weaker world ranking at #237, it is still a great university to study at if you live in the UAE and plan on either working in the homeland or you plan on taking what you have studied to other parts of the world.

However, it is a private university, so it could mean a more costly fee, however, this is offset by having better quality education and more variety in programs.

King Abdulaziz University (KAU) - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The third highest ranked university in the UAE, King Abdulaziz University holds a global ranking of #231.

The university is best known for their graduate programs as it caters to providing students a learning and nurturing environment in the sciences, arts, and other fields of specialized knowledge. The university goes as high as Masters and PhD programs. Of these programs, the university offers 110 graduate programs, 6 Graduate Diplomas, 56 Thesis based Master programs, 35 Research project based Master Programs, and 14 PhD Programs.

Much like The American University of Beirut, this university will not leave you at any shortage of choice for study. You will find plenty of variety and choice here when it comes to what you want to study and at what level.

The programs also have strong implications for pursuing careers abroad as the university has a strongly recognized name, even in the western states. However, you will find the degree to be strongest in the Emirates where companies will practically be chasing after you to start your career with them if you choose the right field to enter into.

Choosing the right university for yourself

These are our picks for the top 3 best universities in the UAE. These universities may or may not cater to your needs or otherwise demand, but they are certainly a good place to start if you are looking for getting the best education and are able to afford it.

There are still a plethora of good options for universities that are all over the UAE. While most of them might not have a recognized name, what matters is how you excel in a field that is high in demand but less in skilled labor.

You can also visit the source to look at other prospective universities which might interest you based on your preferred major or preferred field of study. All of these universities will do well for you and help you kickstart your career or get a higher qualification to be able to pursue better-paying jobs!

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