Getting started on being a UAE Certified Teacher

UAE Certified Teacher

If you want to become a UAE certified teacher, you will need to go through the Teaching License System (TLS). The latest program measures a teacher’s capability of teaching a subject, and the program is currently open to teachers who teach core subjects like English, Mathematics, Arabic, etc. The license is now a mandatory requirement of 2017.

The purpose of the TLS is to measure the ability of a teacher to impart knowledge on a specific subject, while also being aware of the culture and environment they are teaching. The license will require teachers to take a test based on their subject of expertise, and a follow-up test will measure their knowledge of the culture and education standards of the United Arab Emirates.

Prior to this, one would just need a Teacher and Educational Leadership Standards (TELS) to be a teacher in the UAE. With the TLS, this is the latest UAE teaching license test implemented by the country.

The importance of the TLS going forward.

With regard to UAE teachers license exam, the TLS is fairly thorough and detailed. The UAE government has stated that by 2020, educators which include teachers, members of the school administration, and other parties will need to get a TLS to keep their role in an educational setting for high schools in the subjects they have stipulated.

As the program grows, the TLS will go forward to facilitate all other branches of scholastic levels and grow the circle of subjects to include other subjects. For now, the pilot campaign is still an on-going process, which is only applicable to high school teachers in 6 subjects: Math’s, English, Arabic, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Teachers who are currently eligible for TLS are already being emailed to sign up for the exam. However, if you are a teacher that meets the above requirements and haven’t gotten an email, you can always visit the official TLS website.

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Teachers who successfully complete all steps for the TLS will be rewarded a temporary license. This license can be valid for as little as 1 year and with a maximum length of 3 years. The duration of the license is dependent on your TLS score.

However, if a candidate fails their TLS, they are eligible for a retake, but with strict conditions. Candidates are allowed 2 retakes but will have to go through a mandatory coaching/training session, this is again influenced by your score on the test and can last between 1 to 6 months.

To sum up, the information provided, the TLS is currently only relevant to high school teachers who are teaching the following subjects: Math’s, English, Arabic, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.  If you haven’t yet applied for your TLS tests, you need to apply immediately if you are currently located in the UAE or are moving there soon.

Prior to the TLS, educators only needed the Teacher and Educational Leadership Standards (TELS). The TLS was first introduced in 2017, and by 2020 it is going to become an official requirement for teachers and all members of a school to possess the license in order to continue their career.

The TLS exam is a teaching license in the UAE that is recognized and is now a mandated requirement of the UAE Ministry of Education. Teachers who wish to teach in any UAE high-school will need to get this license. The ministry does plan on adding all levels of education and more subjects to acquire the license, but in its pilot launch, it only targets these teachers and the 6 subjects.

To start the process for the TLS, eligible candidates are required to go to the official website and fill out the necessary online paperwork. From there on, candidates will be called for a primary test. This test will determine how effectively you teach the subject you are currently teaching. After three months, candidates will be called for a second test which will see how well they understand UAE culture and teaching methods.

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Based on the results of the above tests, candidates will be rewarded with a license that lasts as little as a year with a maximum duration of 3 years. Once the license expires, candidates will have to repeat the process once more and get a new license. The duration of your license depends on your collective performance for both tests.

In the event of failing either or both exams, candidates can opt for a retake with only two more retakes. However, this can take up to 1 – 6 months of coaching from a mandatory session conducted by the UAE Ministry of Education. Once candidates pass the mandatory training, then they can opt for a retake of the exam.

It is worth noting that along your journey on how to become a teacher in the UAE, it is also important to make sure you have the necessary qualifications to teach. You should hold a Bachelors or a Masters degree for the subject you wish to teach.

In closing, you should also mark when your license will expire and apply for a retest 1 – 2 months prior to its expiry date.

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