Tips To Collect Video Evidence For Your Personal Injury Case

Tips To Collect Video Evidence For Your Personal Injury Case

Have you been injured due to someone else’s negligence and need to file a lawsuit to gain rightful compensation for the trauma you’ve endured? Fighting personal injury cases can become a stressful affair, but sometimes that is the only way to get the compensation you deserve for the injuries you’ve incurred.

You need to collect all the evidence you can to make a strong case regarding your accident. Having video evidence is the holy grail of actionable proof of someone else’s negligence because it is the most effective way to ensure that you can make a strong case. Of course, it’s likely that you don’t have a personal video of the accident. Wondering what you should do if you didn’t make a video?

You can take steps to acquire the necessary video evidence that tells a fair picture. Many personal injury cases in Port St. Lucie result in reasonable out-of-court settlements if adequate video evidence is involved. Even if it is not sufficient enough on its own, video evidence can support your medical records to put the case heavily in your favor.

If you’ve recently been involved in an incident that has resulted in severe injuries to you, you might be wondering about the best way to get the evidence you need to make a strong case. This post will discuss some of the most important tips to collect video evidence for your personal injury case to help you make a more well-informed decision. 

How Does Video Evidence Make Your Claim Stronger?

You need strong physical evidence to back any claim you make in court. Having any proof to make your claim strong is good, but video evidence is the best option. Videos can clearly show what transpired, your conditions, and how everything happened.

If you are fighting a personal injury case due to a slip and fall incident in a store because there was no sign showing a hazard, video proof can demonstrate the store’s fault if the angle is right. It’s impossible to have a personal video camera recording everything each time you go out of your house. Still, you can find cameras in all kinds of places that can potentially record your accident.

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Even if you cannot find video evidence, you can still focus on collecting physical proof that backs your claim. Video evidence ensures that there is unbiased proof for the court to examine when deciding the factors for your case. Video can easily display that the defendant is at fault, especially if they lie about the accident.

Determine Who Might Have The Videos

You might find yourself in situations where it is seemingly impossible to find someone who has video proof of the incident, but you might be surprised at the possibilities.

Suppose you are wondering where to start looking for video evidence. In that case, a few common places to look could be law enforcement that might have come to the accident scene (they might have bodycam footage), traffic lights, someone’s personal phone, or cameras at a business or someone’s property.

There might be situations in which there’s no recording of the injury you’ve incurred. If you’re unsure about it, you should consider consulting a personal injury lawyer in Port St. Lucie and enlisting their help. It is always wise to talk to a lawyer before you go looking for the video evidence because you also need to ensure that you obtain the video evidence legally.

Legally Requesting The Video

Depending on how cooperative the individual or party is, you might just get the video by simply requesting it. If a private party wishes to hand it over to you, they can.

If the video owner happens to be involved in the case as a defendant, like a business where you’ve suffered an injury, they will likely make it difficult for you. Working with a personal injury lawyer can help you obtain the video evidence through a subpoena.

Suppose that you require video footage from the police through their dashcam or bodycam. In that case, you might have to fill out some paperwork and pay some fees to obtain the relevant recording. Working with a lawyer means that you can have a legal professional guide you through these processes and handle a lot of the tasks for you so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

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How The Right Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

A lawyer in Port St. Lucie can be of great help when you want to obtain the necessary video evidence to back your claim. As someone who has incurred an injury due to someone else’s negligence, you have every right to request the video evidence you need to make a strong case. Of course, accessing the video is not always a straightforward affair.

When you work with Port St. Lucie personal injury lawyers who know what they are doing, you are taking the help of professionals who have the legal skills and knowledge you need to build a solid case. Legal professionals know how to negotiate on your behalf and guide you through the entire process.

Hiring a lawyer for your personal injury case also shows that you are serious about your case and willing to take the concerned parties to court to seek fair compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered. It is also possible that your lawyer can find ways to determine who owns the video evidence you need.

The best thing about working with a personal injury lawyer is getting expert help through the whole case. Wrapping your head around the legal aspects and understanding the rules in Florida’s statute of limitations can be overwhelming for you, but the right personal injury attorney has it all on their fingertips.

Frankl & Kominsky boasts a team of Port St. Lucie personal injury lawyers who can help you obtain the video evidence you need from your accident to make a strong case and help you get the fair settlement you need to become whole again.

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