Why is My Bathroom Sink Clogged? 5 Causes and Solutions

Why is My Bathroom Sink Clogged? 5 Causes and Solutions

In 2016 the global drain cleaning equipment market was worth more than half a billion dollars.

That’s half a billion we wouldn’t have to spend if we’d stopped our sinks from getting clogged up in the first place.

There are a number of different causes of a blocked sink. But the good news is that most of them are fairly simple to prevent or rectify.

Read on as we look at 5 common reasons for finding your bathroom sink clogged.

1. Dirt

A sink is for washing, right? So it should be able to handle a little dirt.

The trouble is, over time dirt can build up in your pipes, causing them to become blocked. This is especially true of larger lumps of mud and dirt. If you’re using your bathroom sink to clean off particularly muddy or dirty hands, make sure to shake off any excess debris outside before your wash them.

2. Soap

Traditional soaps are made with fat or grease.

This is what forms soap scum. Over time, that soap scum can harden on your pipes, leading to them becoming clogged. It can also stain your taps and fittings.

A pressure washer can clear off most of the residue inside your pipes, but prevention is better than a cure. Try using liquid hand cleaners that aren’t made from soap; these will not produce any soap scum.

3. Hair

Hair is one of the major causes of bathroom sink blockages.

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A wad of hair is perfect for catching the dirt and soap scum we’ve already learned about. It then forms into a near-solid plug that stops that water from draining away. There are products that can remove hair from pipes, or you may need to resort to a plumber near me google search.

You can prevent the need for this with a simple drain guard that catches the hair before it enters the pipes.

4. Small Items

It’s surprising the number of small items that make their way into your plumbing.

Even small objects can seriously clog up your pipes. If they do you’ll likely need to call a professional to remove them. The same drain guard that keeps hair from entering your drain can do the same job for small items.

5. Damaged Pipes

Another cause of clogging could be that you have damaged pipes.

As pipes corrode, rust builds up inside them. Over time this can constrict the flow of water. If your pipes are damaged, you’ll need to get them professionally replaced. Pipe damage is difficult to avoid; no pipe will last forever.

Keeping them free of dirt, debris, and foreign objects and keeping your plumbing maintained will help to extend the lifetime of your pipes.

Your Bathroom Sink is Clogged No More!

Now that you never have to worry about getting your bathroom sink clogged again, you may be wondering what other home care tips you wish you’d known earlier.

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