7 Different Stylish Ways To Use Laminated Flooring In Homes

7 Different Stylish Ways To Use Laminated Flooring In Homes

Laminated flooring tiles have come a long way from being used for their practicality. Technological advances have made it possible for laminated tiles to be used to create a myriad of designs and styles. In fact they are used as an affordable replacement for many other flooring options, some of which are quite out of reach for most like marble, hardwood, porcelain etc.

There are several advantages to using laminated flooring. Some of the important ones are:

  • They are stylish and come in a variety of designs, styles and colours,
  • They are quite affordable and inexpensive,
  • They are durable and give value for money,
  • They are versatile and hence can be used both in the living area as well as the bathroom or the basement,
  • They are easy to install and require very less maintenance etc.

These advantages make it quite a popular choice with home owners today and some of the popular stylish looks that they are used to emulate are:

  • Farmhouse style: This style is generally obtained by using a healthy mixture of the old and the new. Herein exotic antique heirlooms blend in perfectly with the straight lines that are the characteristic of modern furniture thereby creating a fusion that is irresistible. Laminated flooring with using wide planks which are rough-hewn and also come with saw marks and authentic knots fit help to achieve and enhance this style.
  • Coastal charm style: It is also easy to bring in the coastal charm into the house with the use of ocean-kissed laminated floor colours with a rich visual texture and a natural charm. Perfect for both beach cottages and country houses this laid-back floor trend is easily achieved by using laminated wood flooring which have been given an aged look weathered from constant exposure to the sun, wind and the salty sea.
  • Reclaimed hardwood: This is a perfect way to achieve the dream of having a hardwood floor but at a very affordable price. In fact reclaimed hardwood is the latest trend in laminated flooring with interior designers finding new ways and means of using these reclaimed wood obtained from old buildings. It helps to retain the basic character of the traditional hardwood which tends to age with grace and charm thus adding a measure of elegance which completely transforms the room where it is installed.
  • Hand-scraped surface: Traditionally hand-scraped hardwood is extremely costly because of its strikingly beautiful looks and durability. This same look can be obtained by using laminated floor which has been made to simulate its looks by giving it a contoured surface. Thus the presence of subtle grooves, scrapes made with the chisel and scallops on individual laminated floor planks give it a comfortably lived-in look reminiscent of traditional hand-scraped hardwood.
  • Exotic beauty: This is one style where creativity knows no bounds. Capturing the distinctive grain patterns of exotic hardwood species like Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, teak etc., these laminated floor planks are also available in striking colours which offer quite a contrast to the room thus giving it a tropical look. This look is further enhanced by the use of planks of varied lengths each having a hand-scraped texture. This style offers many a chance to emulate their favourite hardwood exotic species but at affordable rates.
  • Playing with colours: With the whole palette of colours at their disposal, today manufacturers and designers are going out of the chosen few traditional colours to experiment with new ones. The results make for an amazing amalgamation of futuristic designs coupled with visual intrigue and virtual reality. Thus rooms which are small can be made to look visibly bigger and rooms having a dearth of natural lights use laminated floors to ensure maximum utilisation of the available light thereby making the rooms look brighter. In fact the application of visual intrigue to laminated floor planks and tiles has enabled them to be used in ways that have never been conceived before.
  • Futuristic patterns: There has been a distinct shift in the way home décor is perceived today. Gone are the days when big and heavy furniture would dominate the room. Today designs tend to follow monochromatic patterns which make for a visual impact which is immediate and awesome. The use of laminated tiles with patterns are being used in innovative ways to ensure originality and uniqueness in every design created.
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Laminated flooring can thus be used in a number of ways to make style statements. From DIY to hiring interior decorators, the range of stylish designs that can be obtained with the mere use of laminated floor planks and tiles is simply mind-boggling.

Author Bio: The author is a Flooring Calgary expert who has written a number of articles on floor styles and types. All of his articles tend to touch a nerve with every reader since he focuses more on topics which address general issues faced by people with regards to home floors.

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