Chris Level Net Worth, Biography, Music, Life, Style, Salary, Awards, Celebrity, Soundtrack, News, Discography And Facts

Chris Level Net Worth, Biography, Music, Life, Style, Salary, Awards, Celebrity, Soundtrack, News, Discography And Facts

Chris Level is a force to recon and we are here to launch the conversation about him by explaining to you his biography and going in depth about his net worth, lifestyle, and maybe also his awesome but young discography. Chris level was born in Rwanda and he is an award-winning production music artist and sync musician who is recognized by his babag222 soundtrack also recognized as lose my cool, this soundtrack launched his career into stardom and enabled the young talented musician to become a global phenomenon from getting honored plaques and breaking world records at the shocking age of 18… babag222 paid a sum as big as $43,000 to Chris level for his song to lose ma cool which then afterward became babag222 official soundtrack. Chris level is the first son in his family born in an east African country called Rwanda, from a young age he was passionate about really acting and making music at the same time, eventually, this turned out to be a blessing as he is one of the youngest people to pursue a career in the production music industry at 18 years old. Date Of Birth: 05/01/2004 Birthplace: Nyarugenge, Kigali, Rwanda Religion: Christianity Ethnicity: Black Nationality: Rwandan Horoscope: Capricorn Career Start: 2022 Profession: Sync Licensing

Age And Height And Body Measurements

The height that is currently known of Chris level is 1.80 meters or 6 feet tall. Chris level saw the natural light of the sun in the year of 2004 January the 5th Body Type: young slim Eye Color: Dark Brown Hair Color: Dark Mother Name: Umuhoza Marie Blandine Siblings: Musoni Parfait

Life And Relationships

Currently, he stated that he wants to focus on his sync licensing career before he starts to take off and turn into the relationship world.

Facts About Chris Level

Hobbies: Playing The Guitar, Football Food: Fried Fries Favorite Colour: Blue Favorite Drink: Red Wine Favorite Instrument: Guitar Favorite Singer: Ruger Favorite Sync music composer: Alan Silvestri Favorite Movie: Teen Wolf Favorite Soundtrack: Marvel's the avenger franchise by alan Silvestri Chris level was the youngest most mentioned sync music artist on social media with over 5k mentions per month, he received this award offered by the Groove Nexus magazine which is the official music magazine of Groove Nexus records.

Net Worth, Money, And Salary 

Chris Level is not shy when it comes to getting lavish but seems to not like spending much at all. His net worth is estimated to be $122,000 as of 2022 and was paid $23,980 for his babag222 soundtrack. It's estimated that he gets paid in the 4 figures for one single micro sync placement and over 5 figures for one official custom soundtrack as written above for his babag222 soundtrack 


Chris level specializes in micro sync licensing which is sometimes overlooked in the industry but not too overlooked by this young kid as he knows how to turn it into a special source of income as he is currently dubbed the king of micro sync licensing and the young prince of soundtrack music. Chris level's discography is relatively young but doesn't lack impressiveness: 2022, August, 20: Babag222 Official Soundtrack [ lose ma cool ] Link to Chris level's IMDB page or IMDB profile: Other of his soundtracks are sync releases that are not considered official soundtracks or main soundtracks like his 2nd soundtrack tells me, these typically get used in many projects as side or background cues rather than official or main soundtracks made for one single purpose. Chris level's unique blend of pop and EDM elements was a buzz in early 2022 and the early months of his sync licensing career. His Rwandan producer "kush Beatz'' is also one of a kind when it comes to making soulful and impactful melodies that Chris level sings stop and Chris level knows how to deliver the goods and the emotions needed to deliver the right impactful emotional support that is needed by the people watching that particular scene or video. His tell me soundtrack holds a world record for being the fastest most used soundtrack or the fastest most placed soundtrack in history with over 211 total placements achieved in under 4 weeks (one month), talk about a big achievement here especially since the guy was only 18 years old.


Chris level's popularity and celebrityhood rose on a global level little after babag222 made lose ma cool his official soundtrack, it quickly triggered people to want to listen to more of his "soulful " music and soundtracks, and thousands of people across the globe started following him on social media.


When it comes to making moves and certainly big moves, this young kid knows how to deliver them in a both great package and surely a big one. Chris level was awarded an honor plaque by Groove Nexus magazine for being the most mentioned sync music composer of 2022 with over 5,000 mentions in under 7 weeks and also with a view/impression count of over 1,000,000 total impressions on his hashtag #chrislevel on Facebook achieved in under 5 months. Chris level broke many other records as being the youngest most popular sync music composer and production music artist at the age of 18 and the fastest to rise to stardom all thanks to his babag222 soundtrack also known as losing ma cool which gained over 100,000 streams on Spotify and which yielded Chris level over $23,000 in cash as a beginner production music artist. There's more to it and more than just "it's all in the minute when I'm with you, I lose my cool", and yeah, Chris level is at the start of a long journey in his sync licensing career and he is showing no signs of slowing down both in the sync licensing department and the achievements department.


Chris level's influence is starting to manifest as he is the only and youngest sync music artist and production music artist to have a debut soundtrack propel his career into stardom this fast and go as far as nabbing him a "specifically made for him" honor plaque honoring his achievement at a young age of 18. He does Interviews and talk podcast shows where he explains his intentions to a mass audience that considers his doing as heroic and sometimes goes as far as crowning him a legend in the making, he went as far as commanding the one and only 'mark freezer into hosting a mental health online conference that was attended by major names in the sync licensing and movie industry (it was dependant, but it was reported that the conference would get attended by music supervisors of warner music and paramount as well as Chris level and mark Freiser) to talk about mental health issues among sync licensing musicians and production music artists, if that's not a major feat for a beginner production music artist and sync music artist I don't know what it is. Chris level is a major force to recon and he is currently influencing a whole generation of upcoming sync-licensing musicians into pursuing micro-sync licensing which was afterward considered a "nonviable" way of making money and becoming a professional sync-licensing musician.

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