Ew! Why Is My Toilet Leaking and How Do I Stop It?

Ew! Why Is My Toilet Leaking and How Do I Stop It?

The average person uses the toilet 2,500 times a year. This means the toilet is an important staple in our lives. Nothing sees our grossest sides more than the toilet. That’s why when there’s an issue with our toilet, it’s a serious problem. One of the most common — and disgusting — problems you may experience is a leaking toilet. This is usually a problem at the base of your toilet. If you don’t stop the leakage, your bathroom could flood. You’re probably asking yourself, “why is my toilet leaking?” Here are common reasons and how to stop the leaking, whether you fix it DIY or hire a plumber.

Why Is My Toilet Leaking?

If your toilet starts leaking, you need to check out your toilet and diagnose the problem. Here are common reasons why your toilet is leaking.

It Has a Damaged Wax Ring

A wax ring is a wax sealing between the underside of the toilet base and the flange attached to the floor. The sealing prevents water and sewage matter from seeping onto the floor. If your toilet is leaking, it could mean your wax ring is damaged and can’t prevent water leakages.

Tee Bolts Are Loose

Anyone can see the tee bolts. These are the plastic caps on the base of your toilet. These bolts hold your toilet in place. If the tee bolts become loose, the toilet’s seal can also break. This causes leaks.

What to Do If Your Toilet Leaks

If your toilet starts leaking, you have two options: DIY repair or hire a plumber.

DIY Repair

Start by pulling the toilet out. Before you do anything, shut off the water supply valve and remove the water line. First, check if the tee bolts are loose. If so, tighten them. If the problem isn’t with the bolts, it may be with the ring. Unscrew the water closet nut, or the bolt on the side of the toilet. Pull off the toilet and take a look at the wax ring. Look for signs of damage. If it’s damaged, replace the ring.

Hire a Plumber

If you checked the bolts and wax ring and if everything looks fine, there’s probably another problem. The problem can be from your fill valve, your toilet may be outdated, or it could be your whole plumbing. Either way, you need to call a professional plumber to inspect your toilet.

Fix Your Toilet Before Your Leaks Get Too Bad

Why is my toilet leaking? We all know the helpless feeling when our bathroom floods.  Toilet leaks can have multiple causes. If the problem is from your base, there may be some loose bolts or your wax ring is damaged. If the leak is coming from elsewhere, such as the fill valve, there are probably other issues. There are many repairs a DIY-ster can handle. However, it’s still best to call a plumber. Need more advice? Our blog offers a ton of advice, especially in the home care section. Keep coming back for more home advice!

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