5 Surprising Benefits of a Water Purifier for Shower Purposes

5 Surprising Benefits of a Water Purifier for Shower Purposes

We all know by now of the importance of filtering our drinking water. What we may not realize, however, is that it’s also important to filter the water we shower and bathe with.

It may come as a surprise to you that we are prone to absorbing high quantities of chemicals through our hair and skin simply by washing on a daily basis.

Let’s take a look at some surprising benefits of installing a water purifier for shower or bathtub purposes.

Gives Fresher Feeling Skin

One of the most prevalent chemicals in your water at home is chlorine. Another common problem people face is hard water. Hard water happens when rainwater absorbs minerals such as calcium and magnesium as it travels through the aquifer and into your plumbing.

When showering in warm or hot water the pores on your skin will open up, this allows the skin to absorb the water and all the toxins that may be in it. Hard water and chlorine make your skin feel dry and can also cause conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

A shower head for hard water will help filter out those chemicals and minerals and leave your skin feeling soft and fresh, helping out your overall skin care routine.

Promotes Smooth Shiny Hair

Your hair is suffering from many of the same problems as your skin when it comes to being in unfiltered water.

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Even if you have washed your hair it may still be left feeling unclean if you have hard water and chlorine will dry out your scalp making your hair dry and skin flaky. Using a shower head with a filter will greatly reduce this problem and you can experience smooth shiny hair again without undergoing expensive hair treatments.

Helps Fight Air Pollution

Chlorine is a chemical used by water treatment facilities to combat bacteria, unfortunately, as we have discussed, the chlorine is hazardous to our health.

Not only is the chlorine in water not good for your skin or hair, but it is also a risk to your lungs. While you are in the shower the warm water and air will promote your lungs to open up and you then inhale those chlorine particles. A showerhead with a filter will remove the chlorine taking away the risk of inhalation.

A Water Purifier for Shower Purposes Prevents Certain Cancer Risks

The presence of chlorine in the drinking water supply has been linked to causing different types of cancers such as breast, rectal and bladder. Although you aren’t drinking the water coming from your shower or bath, you are absorbing it through your skin and inhaling it in your lungs causing the particles to enter your bloodstream.

Also, when chlorine mixes with ammonia, a chemical known as chloramine is created. This is a harmful toxin to your skin and lungs and is worse for your body than chlorine.

With these risks, it becomes necessary to prevent any chance of exposing you and your family to these harmful chemicals and can be as easy as installing the AquaBliss Shower Filter.

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Will Help You Feel Better

Another surprising side effect of absorbing and inhaling chlorine is what it can do to your mental well being.

Some people notice that after taking a long hot shower, they often feel worse than when they entered. This is because chlorine can cause fatigue, depression, and a lowered immune system, which can easily be reversed by a shower filter.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Health and Well Being?

Installing a water purifier for shower purposes could possibly be one of the easiest home improvement projects that you can do. With all of the health and body risks that we have highlighted, you should make the change today!

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