Visit Birmingham: What to See and Do

Visit Birmingham: What to See and Do

Birmingham is the second largest city in the United Kingdom located in the West Midlands. This city has world-historical significance as it has been a key element of the industrial revolution in Britain; The city has since been known as “The city of a thousand trades” or “Workshop of the world”.

It is a cosmopolitan place with great cultural and ethnic diversity; it is also the birthplace of Heavy Metal as world-renowned groups formed in Birmingham. One of them is Black Sabbath, but she has also been home to other bands such as Duran Duran and UB40 who were born here. To include this city in your travel itinerary across the UK, we’ll tell you what you can see and do in Birmingham during your vacation.

The city of Birmingham is one of the touristiest in the UK so you will have many places to visit, such as monuments, religious buildings, and local significance. And, why not, finish your visit by shopping. Here are some places not to miss:

Birmingham Cathedral

Birmingham Cathedral knew as St. Philip’s Cathedral. This cathedral built from 1709 to 1715 has four spectacular stained glass windows. It is located on Colmore Row; admission is free and is open from 7:30.

Victoria Square Birmingham

It’s all a part of Birmingham where you can find a lot of places of interest. You can walk from the cathedral. Here, there is the town hall and the fountain “The River”. Nearby are Chamberlain Place and the Birmingham Library. All these places you can enjoy without spending a dime. Walking east on New Street, the new pedestrian street is full of shops, stores, and kiosks. A few blocks away, you will reach Rotunda Square, which also has many shops.

The Bullring

A few meters walk will take you to the Bullring Shopping Center, a modern shopping center opened in 2004 with a unique architectural design.

Here are the Selfridges stores, which although you buy nothing, are an ideal place for some photographs, this type of architecture is a new trend in which it is intended to give the buildings “organic” designs, that construction has often been compared, through its reflective discs, to the design of an amoeba.

Another attraction that you will find here is the bronze sculpture of a bull, in commemoration of some festivals that took place in medieval times in which these animals were sacrificed. If you are hungry, you can enjoy eating or visiting St. Martin’s Church, one of the oldest in the Gothic city.

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Birmingham Streets

The streets of Birmingham are in themselves an attraction, just crossing them; you can enter the historical remains that can still be seen. From Georgian, Edwardian, Gothic, arts and crafts, art deco, strolling through its streets is certainly something you should do in Birmingham. Do not feel sorry for being constantly stopping to look at the buildings, it’s definitely worth it.

In some streets, you can also find what is left of some buildings built during the industrial revolution that was called back to back which were a kind of apartment buildings built to accommodate the workers who came from far and back. Had no place to stay during the work season? Although they did not live in the best conditions, these buildings were very popular in their day.

Birmingham Aquarium

The aquarium is just 1.6 km from Bullring Shopping Center. Here you can see a wide variety of aquatic animals; there are live shows throughout the day. It is open every day from 10h to 18h. Individual tickets can cost from 12 to 20 pounds, although there are family passes with more accessible prices.

Birmingham Channels

This is another way to have a good time, walking southwest of the National Sea Life Center; you will arrive at Sherborne Wharf. At this location, you can board a boat and navigate the streets of Birmingham. In the afternoon, you can board a boat, departure time: 14:30 or 16:00. The trip lasts an hour and the price for adults is 8 pounds. There are also options for families.

What to do in Birmingham: Nightlife

Birmingham’s nightlife offers countless possibilities, from a simple visit to a pub to a theater, to listening to live music or enjoying a club. These are just some of the entertainment you can visit in Birmingham during your stay.

The Queens Arms Pub

It is one of the most popular in the city. Here you can watch live sports or if it’s Thursday, participate in a night of competitions. The entrance has a cost of 2 pounds and there is no group size limit. To get there, at She born Wharf you can take a taxi. The trip lasts 11 minutes and the cost is 20 pounds. You can also go by bus. The ticket costs 2.30 pounds and the journey time is approximately one hour.

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Symphony Hall

If you are interested in listening to classical music, Symphony Hall is the perfect place, every week there are four concerts, and the cost of tickets can range from 8 to 40 pounds. If you leave Sherborne Wharf, you can walk the distance which is 1 kilometer.

Evening in Birmingham

If you want to party during your visit to Birmingham, the city has some of the most popular clubs in the UK, one of them is:


It is a nightclub that offers visitors a great experience without others, a DJ performance and one of the greatest musical varieties. On Wednesdays, it offers a special night, in view of the large student population in the city, with drinks at 1 pound. If you leave Queens Arms, you can take a bus that will take 16 minutes to get there and you will have to pay £ 2.30. Otherwise, you can take a taxi that will take 8 to 10 minutes and will have a price of 20 pounds.

Visit Birmingham: Recommendations

Most of the sites of interest in Birmingham are in the center of the city and this area has been conditioned to be a completely pedestrian zone so the way to get around the attractions will be on foot. Although in many cases you have to travel a certain distance from one point to another in the center of the city, all points of interest will usually be very close.

If you want to move to a place that is not in the center, you can use public transport by paying for single tickets. These can be bought by paying directly to the driver. You can also use taxis or the metro, whose routes are mainly in the city center.

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