Why It’s Important to Have Roadside Assistance

Why It's Important to Have Roadside Assistance

Imagine this scenario.

You’ve been planning a road trip for weeks, down to every last location and gas station. You’ve saved money, packed smartly, acquired plenty of snacks. You’re a pro at GPS, you’ve got a great partner for the ride, and you just entered the next state over.

Then your tire blows, scratching your hubcap and sending you to the side of the road—desperate, mad, and a little confused about what to do next.

Wait. You’ve got roadside assistance, right?

Don’t let this situation happen to you! Whether you’re a regular commuter, going on a road trip, or you drive for work, this extra insurance can save you in times of need.

We’re here to tell you what it is (and why you need it).

What Is Roadside Assistance?

Let’s cover the basics of this insurance first.

Many auto insurance providers offer roadside assistance as an option on their policy. They team up with businesses that provide travel services and then offer that to you. Roadside assistance is perfect for unexpected situations.

If something were to happen to your vehicle while driving, you’d contact your provider who would then dispatch your request. The closest driver would then come to assist you.

Reasons to contact roadside assistance could be:

  • A flat tire
  • Running out of gas
  • Trailer repair
  • A dead battery
  • Getting locked out of your vehicle
  • Needing towing
  • An overheating car

Most situations like this are covered through roadside assistance.

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What Does It Not Cover?

Although roadside assistance offers a wide variety of help, they won’t be your go-to for everything.

If you are involved in an accident or something serious, don’t enlist their help. If a situation calls for the services of a police department, fire department, or the like—go straight to them.

Roadside assistance is only meant to help in non-emergency situations like common car problems.

How Much Is It?

Getting this added to your auto insurance policy is as simple as talking to your auto insurance provider. Most providers offer this extra service.

To give you an idea of the general costs of road assistance, we’ll relay the prices offered by Allstate.

For around $25 a year, you can insure one vehicle.

There are also member options. For around $100-185 a year, all vehicles under your roof receive the insurance. There are also options for higher benefits or extra features with a membership.

If you only pay at the time of need, it could get costly. This is why a policy is more affordable. If you pay at the time of service, costs are on average:

  • $109 for a tow of 5 miles ($4.25 per mile after 5)
  • Fuel delivery or a battery jump-start average $80

Roadside assistance isn’t that expensive, especially when you begin considering your other options.

Hit the Road!

Now that you know what roadside assistance is, you’re ready to hit the road with the knowledge that you’re protected and insured. Nothing feels good quite like being as safe as possible—especially on the road.

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Speaking of that road trip we mentioned at the beginning!

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