Flattering Mother Of The Bride Dresses For Curvy Moms

Flattering Mother Of The Bride Dresses For Curvy Moms

Every bride out there already knows that it is extremely hard and stressful to shop for a wedding dress. However, the process is even harder when it comes to choosing a curvy mother of the bride dress. Not only does the mother not want to outshine her daughter, but she needs to choose a dress that flatters her curves. Most mothers of the brides find themselves at a disadvantage when they are choosing dresses because that are unable to find beautiful dresses that suit their body. As a mother of the bride, you will already have enough on your plate and you shouldn't have to stress over your dress or your tailored suits for your husband. With the followings tips, you can make your whole shopping quest much easier.

Long, Formal Gowns

The mother of the bride and groom are without a doubt two very special positions and many moms will want to honor their kids by looking at their very best. This is why most moms will want to go all out and choose a long, formal gown. There is nothing wrong with this, but curvy mothers have to be careful when they are choosing these types of dresses. You want to make sure that your long, formal mother of the bride dresses are soft and flowing while draping over the curves. Gathering the fabric over the tummy or gathering if across the bust can help hide those troublesome areas of your body while creating a fabulous at the same time.

The Short Cocktail Dress

If the occasion is ultra-formal there is nothing that says you have to go with a long, formal dress. In fact,  a short cocktail dress might just be the very thing that you need to hide your curves and show off your other features. If you have great legs and want to show them off then the short cocktail dress will be perfect for you. It will draw attention to the legs and take the attention off the curves. The best part about these dresses is that they can be used for other formal events.

Consider A Jacket Or Sleeves

Many curvy women aren't happy with their arms because they simply aren't as firm as they would like them to be. And, this is one area where they can become completely self-conscious. This is why most curvy mothers of the bride like to take advantage of gold mother of the bride dresses with sleeves or add an additional jacket to the ensemble. Sleeves and jackets are sleeker and offer a more tailored look. If you want to look classy and refined, you simply won't be the jacket or sleeved dress. Just remember that a jacket will only work in the right environment, but the sleeves are good for just about any occasion.

Take Advantage of The Tea Length Dress

When it comes to conservative and ladylike, mothers of the bride will not find a better option than the tea length dress. These dresses are the perfect compromise between the full-length gown and the shorter cocktail gowns. These types of dresses coupled with a solid color and beading or lace are just lovely and will add the right look.

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