HOW TO WOW: 5 Content Ideas to Gain Audience If You’re Planning to Host Your Own Travel Vlogs

5 Content Ideas to Gain Audience

Remarkable memories are gained when you travel and explore the world in different angles and spaces. Either outside of the country or in far domestic locations, you can surely have a wonderful and beautifully unforgettable travel experience if you prepare for everything and seize every part of your travel.

Absolutely, it would be a huge challenge and even a frustration at the end of the day if you won’t be able to bag some photos from your trip. Of course, although it’s true that the best moments aren’t captured by your cameras, still, it would be lovely if you’ll have those things to look back on your happy travel experience. Even if you ask other people, they’ll tell you a fun travel without photos and videos is close to unimaginable!

Some travelers are not just satisfied with photos and videos that they can plainly post and share through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They think that they could be more creative and interactive in sharing their travel experiences. And so, blogs in the form of videos have become a trend! They are the so-called vlogs.

A lot of people have put interest not just in watching vlogs but also in creating them. If you are one of them, you should know your purpose for doing so. If it is to spread your outputs and to gain an audience for it, then you must know that the content of your vlogs weightily matters. To help you with that, here are 5 travel vlog content ideas to consider:


Before people travel, of course, they need itineraries. If they already have a specific country or city in mind, they still need a list of places to visit. They want to find out the most popular tourist spots in the area, and not just that, but also the activities usually enjoyed by people who go there.

Surfing the Internet, checking out a list of tourist spots you can read is helpful too, but a where-to-go list in the form of a vlog will help as you, the host, speak in terms that are comfortable and easy to understand for everyone.

Especially if you will briefly talk about the history of those places, it will be more engaging, more understandable and more interesting to find out. It’s like you and the audience are just talking as friends. You can turn those information, considered by many as boring, into fun and thought-provoking discoveries.

Using the casual way of conversing, the audience will even more understand the details about the tourist spots you’re bringing them to and also the feeling you’ve gotten there first-hand.

People like finding out various attractions such as amusement parks, nature sites, animal sanctuaries, adventure camps and many more! Many long paragraphs about historic sites are tiring for travelers who are not fond of reading, but a fresh and well-made travel vlog can turn them into lively topics they’d love knowing about. Tell them and show them your thrilling experiences through your vlogs, so they would know what to do when it’s their turn to visit those places!

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Aside from music, food unites people too! Another sought-after tips when it comes to traveling lie under food! Where can people eat? What foods should a traveler taste before leaving the place? What do locals love and what do they recommend?

With content about food, your vlog will be better with really nice visuals! Do not forget to give your audience a close look at the foods you are going to try. Let them drool while watching your vlog. It will be best if they will lovingly hate you for creating and uploading awesome travel food vlogs that make them hungry and make them want to travel right away just to taste the foods you showed!

See to it that you do not just choose to order foods that look appetizing for your video! Also take a look at the eating experience. What terrific experience can you gain from the restaurants and dishes you decided to let your audience know? Is there something unique about it?

Choose the best-selling options as well to let your audience know why they should be among those people who have already tried and proven the deliciousness of the food! Show them food that’s rarely seen in other places or that’s exclusive in that country. Recommend them what you think is worth-trying and worth-paying for!


It will be a really distinct vlog if you invite locals to appear for a second or two in your vlogs! If they are too kind enough, they will let you shoot in their place, but some are strict with that. Some are also shy, while some, which you can see infrequently, are on-the-go, not showing any signs of camera shyness.

Interacting with locals is one of the most exceptional experiences you can have while you document your travel! With that, you are really giving your audience a glimpse of what life is in that specific destination.


Create video content that hides nothing about the travel expenses you had. As much as possible, let your audience know that they can travel with a budget that’s neither too tight nor too loose. Some think that traveling finishes off your money always, so if you’re trying to prove something about practicality, let your content present budget-friendly travel plans!

Sure thing, people want to save money while enjoying, and by all means, everybody is looking for ways to do that! Challenging your own self, set a budget which you think is just right for your trip. Put in hacks and tips for travelers to find cheap and affordable yet comfortable accommodation, food places, rides and other important travel needs.

Vlogs and even simple posts on Facebook about budget-friendly travels are sometimes literally unbelievable. They’re like too good to be true. That’s why you should know how to knock up content that gains audience’s trust and confidence in you as a vlogger. You should convince them without telling them a lie! If you want to cut travel costs, they definitely want too.


You can magnetize audience to your content if it contains something that many or most people can relate a lot to. The more they find themselves involved in the story, the more time they will spend watching what you make. The more they find out and feel that the content speaks to them, the more they won’t tap the close button!

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In your vlog, you can discuss the different struggles that travelers mostly experience. Not only the delightful points of traveling catches attention and curiosity but also the disagreeable points! Tell them the hard parts of traveling, the expectation versus reality, the things travelers hate and the like. Show the usual situations in the plane, in the hotel, in the adventures you embark on and many more.

It’s important that you show them the truth and not sugar-coated experiences! Your audience can nod because they can relate and agree, or they can go wowing because you’ve just imparted a new lesson for them to avoid travel troubles!

Sprinkle a dash of healthy humor too; that’s to lessen or to put away the heaviness or the negativity that goes with those above-mentioned travel struggles. Suggest solutions and alternatives! Don’t open problematic matters without closing them in a friendly way. Show your audience that although traveling can be challenging, it is most of all, exciting and satisfying.



Being able to compile your travel snapshots into one travel vlog for your own fun differs from doing it to let other people know what you’ve been up to when you went to a certain location. Some people do vlogs to merely share their experiences to a wide audience, while some do them for monetary profit.

Well, whatever your goal is, keep in mind that the content is always the prime basis for people to begin and to continue watching your vlog until it ends. Your audience’s interest and your content’s compatibility will keep them in your vlog and in your channel. If during the first few seconds or if with the title, you haven’t caught their attention, then they will possibly click the exit button and find other themes that they might find fascinating.

Content that tickles curiosity and that answers inquiries is a big point! Remember that your audience seeks something that will benefit them while entertaining them too. From the perspective of an audience, take a look at what content grabs your attention; that will help you produce a good travel vlog.

Travel vlogging is fun and challenging, but never forget to enjoy and live in the moment while you’re traveling. You may want to produce amazing and data-worthy content, but make sure you’re not overlooking the importance of actually experiencing what fulfilling travel means.


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. Through quality and well-researched writing, she informs and even entertains readers about things that matter. She is also interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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