Best 8 Spots to Visit in Bristol to Witness its Beauty

places to visit in bristol

Often overlooked when it comes to beauty in the UK as it’s close to lovely Cornwall and sunny Somerset, the true beauty of Bristol shouldn’t be underappreciated. We have an array of gorgeous places to visit, from parks & rivers to cathedrals & street art and all of this close to fantastic accommodation in Bristol, PREMIER SUITES.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

The Clifton Suspension Bridge spans the Avon Gorge and the River Avon, linking Clifton in Bristol to Leigh Woods in North Somerset. It is one of the best tourist attraction place. It has become a recognisable symbol of Bristol in its 150 years of being and is now listed as a Grade I structure. It’s surrounded by lush forest greenery and is equally as beautiful at night.

Clifton Observatory

Close to the suspension bridge is a former mill, now used as an observatory, located on Clifton Down and offering superb views of the suspension bridge and almost the entire city of Bristol. It also has caves to explore and one of the world’s last Camera Obscura’s open to visit. There are walking trails nearby and a kids play area and café to refuel.


Thekla is a former cargo ship moored in the Mud Dock area of Bristol’s Floating Harbour, an area of quiet industrial beauty. After years working coastal trades has been converted to a nightclub and live music venue. For many years, Thekla had been home to one of Banksy’s earliest works in his hometown of Bristol- the Grim Reaper in a rowing boat – painted directly onto the ship’s hull.

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Sticking with a more modern theme, Banksy needs no introduction. His earliest works, as well as some of his most iconic art, is in his hometown of Bristol and can be freely viewed around the city. His signature style and the evolution of his work is evident, and many walking tours can be taken to explain some of the themes.

St Mary Redcliffe Church

A gothic masterpiece in the Redcliffe areas of Bristol and has towered over the city for over 800 years. Within its ancient walls, you will find an impressive collection of carved bosses, elegant 18th-century ironwork, beautiful stained glass and a world-famous organ.

Queens Square

Experience some of Bristol’s natural beauty next, with a trip to the stunning grounds of Queens Square. This gorgeous area is nestled amongst Bristol’s Harbourside and Old City areas and surrounded by trees and cobbled streets. Ideal for enjoying some lunch al fresco or enjoying a game of bowls, which is what it was originally used for.

Bristol Old City

The Old City Quarter is an ideal place to soak up some of our fascinating history, enjoy some of the Medieval architecture and learn about our history as a thriving post. It’s now dotted with trendy bars, quirky cafes and great restaurants. Some of the old pubs were once a favourite haunt of sailors and pirates arriving from all over the world.

Brunel SS Great Britain

One of Bristol’s finest and most valued treasures, the Brunel SS Great Britain was once a passenger ship turned ship museum and was voted into the top 10 museums in the UK by Trip Advisor. The ship was rescued from rust and wreckage in the 1970s and lovingly restored to its former Victorian Glory. It’s a great way to see what it was like to be a passenger on a ship and enjoy the beauty and splendor of the first-class cabin.

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