Changes you should accept after a cardiac stent surgery

The modern lifestyle has led to an increase in heart diseases. The number of people suffering from various heart-related disorders has increased. Because of the dietary and lifestyle issues, many young people are also falling prey to heart conditions. Heart Stents are becoming highly prevalent. Though a simple blockage might not require you to make big changes in your lifestyle; but a heart stent operation is a serious thing!

Hence, if you have recently got a stent in your heart; or if someone in your family has a stent, then read the following post. It has the dietary and lifestyle changes that are required to be followed by the heart patients after a cardiac stent procedure. You should take your medicines regularly and properly. It is extremely important to have a proper lifestyle and diet after the procedure. You can make the medicine shopping and online consultation easier on your pockets with the Netmeds coupons.

So, here we go!

Dietary Changes:

  1. All the calorific foods are banned! You cannot indulge in fatty foods as they are still bad for your health. The doctors will prescribe a proper diet chart when you are discharged. It will contain the number of calories that you are allowed to consume. Follow it diligently and refrain from too much snacking.
  2. Introduce healthy foods and fibers in your diet. Proper salad and fruits should be consumed daily. All kinds of fruits are also not allowed. However, consumption varies from person to person.
  3. Eat small portions in a day. You can consume up to 5 portions in a day. You should eat wholegrain food items such as cereal, bread, and multigrain rotis, etc.
  4. If you are a non-vegetarian, then you can eat lean meat. Poultry meat should be consumed after removing the skin. Avoid eating processed meat such as deli meat and sausages. You can also have seafood in a limited amount. The food consumption also varies from region to region and the availability of the food.
  5. You must eat legumes twice in a week. Fried food such as chips, fries, pakoras, and cakes with full-cream are prohibited.
  6. You have to limit the amount of fatty, salty and too-sweet foods. The consumption of milk is also reduced. The patients are allowed to drink only double toned milk and products made from double toned milk.
  7. You should opt for the high-quality cooking oils that stay in liquid form. Mustard oil, Olive Oil, and Rice Bran Oil are the best options. You must change the cooking oil ever two or three months. The cooking must be done in an extremely low amount of oil. You must use non-stick utensils to cook the food. You can also follow the internet recipes for Zero oil cooking. You can also opt for the services of a professional dietician online. The Netmeds coupons will make the online consultations easier on your pockets.
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Now, read the various lifestyle changes that you should follow. Right diet should be combined with the right lifestyle habits. Find the healthy habits that you should adopt.

  1. Walking exercise regularly – You can start doing light walking after fifteen to twenty days of getting a cardiac stent. You can increase the time of walking gradually. However, stay away from strenuous activities such as climbing a lot of stairs for at least one month or so.
  2. Eat your meals on time – Dinner must be consumed at least 3 hours before sleeping. Milk should not be consumed right before sleeping. This is a major habit in Indian households; especially, in North India. Tea and Coffee consumption should also be minimized. Too much Caffeine is not good as it can cause unnecessary excitement of the nerves. Further, tea and coffee also have a lot of calories. So, you should restrict consumption.
  3. Sleep is very essential – You must have a good sleep of around seven to eight hours. Tension and stress are a big NO! Try to look at the larger picture of life and pay less attention to minor discords. Different people have different perspectives. And, you cannot solve all the problems of every person on this earth. Hence, try to stay calm.
  4. Light exercise daily – This will keep your body in good condition and improve the blood circulation. You can also consult the online yoga instructors or join the local clubs.

It is very important to have a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle after getting a heart stent. Your weight should not increase after the procedure. For medicine and online consultation, you can use the Needs Offers.

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Stay healthy, Stay happy!

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