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Changes you should accept after a cardiac stent surgery

The modern lifestyle has led to an increase in heart diseases. The number of people suffering from various heart-related disorders has increased. Because of the dietary and lifestyle issues, many young people are also falling prey to heart conditions. Heart Stents are becoming highly prevalent. Though a simple blockage might not require you to make […]

Tesla Earnings 4 Essential Things to Know

The third quarter earnings report was announced recently by Tesla. The company shares rose to about 12.7% following the announcement. Since the infamous August declaration of Elon Musk of being in discussion to move Tesla private share to about $420, and secured the necessary funding for the deal, the company’s stocks have been on an […]

Why Is It Important For Seniors Citizen To Avail Health Insurance?

The importance of having a health insurance plan is something we all must know about. There are still a lot of people who do not consider health insurance policies as important as life or car insurance ones. But, things are changing and live in care is becoming more popular, and people in India are getting […]

Myths Surrounding the Use of Water Softeners

For many homeowners, water softeners are a viable solution. But still, there are some myths about residential home water that people still continue to believe. Some of them are mere lies whereas others are misconceptions as per RO care India. Let us now observe the various myths that you associate with water softeners at your […]