How Endoscopic Facelift is Performed

How Endoscopic Facelift is Performed

No one looks the same always. As you continue with various activities, you experience effects of gravity, exposure to the sun leading to the sagging of your facial skin and formation of wrinkles. The procedure has been a renowned cosmetic procedure to give people a younger look and rejuvenate the appearance of their skin. To reduce the appearance of scars or lines, doctors make tiny incisions in the hairline.

The procedure targets the central and upper part of your face. The endoscopic procedure treats various issues like facial folds and smile lines. The Glasgold Group doctors can perform endoscopic surgery to reduce surgical effects and incisions.

Endoscopic procedure

By considering an endoscopic facelift, it is possible to attain most of the rejuvenation effects as those of a traditional procedure. But the good news with the endoscopic procedure is that it is less invasive, recovery is smooth and shorter than the traditional one. The procedure uses a long tube with a camera at the end called endoscope. The device enables experienced surgeons to view areas that are difficult to reach with ease. It means surgeons will not have to make a large incision. They only make small incisions by using your natural skin creases and reducing scars and incision lines.

The procedure targets the central third of your face, and it is useful when it comes to the treatment of different issues affecting your face. It can reduce the facial folds near your mouth and nose. It also reduces frown lines. The surgery can also be used with other facial procedures and treatment to ensure effective revitalization and rejuvenation of the patients face including areas like the neck, brow, and eyes.

What is the difference between the endoscopic and traditional facelift?

The endoscopic procedure is mainly to smoothen wrinkles, tightening and lifting sagging skin on the face like the traditional procedure. However, the difference between these procedures is that the endoscopic procedure uses fiber optic technology and it is not as invasive as the traditional one. It provides various benefits to patients.

The endoscopic procedure uses a long and thin tube with a camera fixed at the end. The device which is known as the endoscope is useful for the viewing of the structures underneath the skin. The process also uses telescopic instruments for the tightening of the muscles on the face and removing fatty tissue to have firm facial skin. Although the endoscopic procedure does not solve issues of excess skin like the traditional procedure does, it addresses some factors that contribute to the skin drooping and sagging which can reshape the underneath of the skin.

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Smaller Incisions

Professional and experienced surgeons use an endoscope for viewing of the areas which are difficult to reach underneath the skin. By doing this, they can tighten the end face accurately without the need for extensive and extended incisions. But an endoscopic procedure only requires making tiny incisions behind the ear and the hairline.

Shorter time of recovery

Endoscopic surgery has a shorter recovery time than the traditional procedure. The surgery is not as invasive as the conventional method, and this is why it does not need much time to heal. It usually takes about two weeks for bruising and swelling too, and you can continue with your regular schedules even after like a week.

Who are the ideal candidates for the endoscopic procedure?

The work of endoscopic procedure is tightening and reshaping facial tissues and muscles resulting in a youthful look. The target of the procedure is the middle and upper third area of the face, and it can best improve marionette lines, sagging cheeks, and frown lines. But this surgery does not target areas with excess skin and regions with loose skin like the jawline and chin. You need to consult experienced doctors from The Glasgold Group who can observe the structure of your face and determine if you can be an ideal candidate for the procedure. They can also assist you to know whether you need the traditional facelift to accomplish the look you desire. The procedure is effective for women and men who are in their 30s, 40 or 50s and have some signs of facial aging without too much sagging.

What are the expectations of the endoscopic procedure?

When an experienced doctor performs the endoscopic procedure, you should expect it to last a few weeks for any swelling and bruising to end. For the first few days after the treatment is done, you need to have a loved one taking care of you. The procedure will enable you to have tighter skin than before, and the facial features will be more refined and have a natural appearance. Some of the patients who have considered this procedure have looked ten years younger than their actual age. The best thing about this surgery is that you will get long lasting results. However, you should expect to continue age, and if need be, you can reconsider a secondary procedure after five to ten years.

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The procedure works in turning the hands of time back, but you need to know a cosmetic procedure cannot prevent you from aging after it has been done. It means you will look younger than your actual age, but you are still aging. A qualified and experienced doctor would advise a patient to consider endoscopic procedure instead of the traditional procedure for various reasons. For example, the patient does not get large scars, and it can help in the improvement of the areas which are difficult to reach when doing the traditional procedure. Some areas like mouth, nose and eye creases are not easy to reach, but with the endoscopic procedure, these areas can be treated effectively.

If you want to undergo the endoscopic surgery, you need to consult who are not only qualified but also experienced. They can help you by contacting this procedure successfully, and you will heal without experiencing issues. They also know the right candidates for the surgery, and they will advise you accordingly. You can schedule a consultation with experienced doctors from the Glasgold Group. The Glasgold Group are a collective of board-certified surgeons operating out of New Jersey. Please visit his site if you are in need of a facelift in Princeton, NJ.

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