Why Is It Important For Seniors Citizen To Avail Health Insurance?

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The importance of having a health insurance plan is something we all must know about. There are still a lot of people who do not consider health insurance policies as important as life or car insurance ones. But, things are changing and live in care is becoming more popular, and people in India are getting more aware of the benefits related to these policies. Health insurance policies are even more beneficial for senior citizens.

Once a person gets into his 60s, he becomes more prone to a wide range of health issues. The likelihood of availing healthcare and medical services increases as you grow old. Plus, the kind of lifestyles people are leading today, it is having an adverse effect on their overall health. For this reason, having a health insurance policy is considered very crucial nowadays, particularly for senior citizen.

As a matter of fact, 47 percent of senior citizens in India have at least one health/medical condition. Some of the common health issues are- asthma, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and angina. By 2050, it is expected that the number of senior citizens in India will touch the mark of 300 million! This is why insurance companies are coming up with a wide range of policies for senior citizens. Without any doubt, it is the right time to buy one. In case you are still not convinced, let us provide you with some good reasons.

Importance of health insurance policies for senior citizens

  • Hospitalization expenses: In the present time, the amount of money charged even by a mid-range hospital is too high. Once you get admitted to a hospital, you should get ready to shell out a large amount of cash. Doctor’s fees, cost of medicines, nursing fees, bed charge, etc. have become expense these days. For a senior citizen, it can be quite difficult to meet these expenses. But, if the person has a health insurance policy by his side, there is no need to worry about the expenses. Everything will be taken care of by the policy. He will not have to spend his savings on medical bills.
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Likewise, if you have a senior citizen at your home, and you are the only bread earner of your family, the medical expenses will definitely put a lot of burden on your savings. For this reason, in any case, having a health insurance policy is beneficial for senior citizens.

  • Cashless hospitalization: There are many people who still find it difficult to understand how to withdraw cash from the ATMs. In situations involving medical emergencies, it can be difficult for a senior citizen to arrange cash for paying at the hospital, particularly at the time of admission. Plus, it can be difficult for the other family members too. Banks are closed on Sundays and even on most of the public holidays. Sometimes, you might not find an ATM close by. This is where a cashless health insurance policy can prove to be highly useful for senior citizens and their family members. One will not have to bother about arranging any cash.
  • Daycare expenses: When it comes to taking very good care of people who are very old, you must provide them with daycare facilities. Nowadays, day care services can be somewhat expensive, particularly in the long run. But, if there is a senior health insurance policy to help you out, there is no need to worry about the daycare expenses. The costs will be covered under the policy package.
  • Pre-existing diseases: There are many health insurance policy providers in the market, but not all of them cover pre-existing diseases. If you fall under the senior citizen category, you can still get your existing ailments covered under the plan.
  • Free medical health check: As people get old, they start falling ill more often. For this reason, they have to visit a doctor or take medical tests quite frequently. If the individual is not covered by a senior health insurance policy, he will end up spending a big chunk of his savings on medical health checkups. So, it is really important for senior citizens to avail health insurance policy.
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Besides them, there are many more reasons why senior citizens must buy a health insurance policy cover. When it comes to finding out the best one, comparison of the features and add-ons is the best way to do it. There are third-party websites available where you can find the details of most of the senior health insurance policies. You just have to compare them. While comparing, you must also keep your own requirements in mind. Selecting the right sum assured is of absolute importance. So, spend some time browsing the policies available and then pick the best one among them.

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