Tips for Making Your Bathroom More Elegant

Tips for Making Your Bathroom More Elegant

Now is the time to transform your boring and dreary bathroom into a more inviting and elegant space. If you have no idea how to do this, read this article and we’ll share the best things to do to upgrade your bathroom.

Add a Bathtub 

To make your bathroom look like one that you can find in a high-end hotel, one of the best additions is a bathtub. For the best bathtub ideas, consider a freestanding design. Aside from ease of installation, it adds a contemporary appeal while being the focal point in the bathroom. 

While there are many stores offering elegant freestanding bathtubs, one worth checking out is

Decorate with Plants

This is one of the quickest ways to add a hint of elegance to the bathroom without spending too much. It also creates a pop of color and an element of nature, which will make the bathroom more relaxing. Many household plants that thrive in the bathroom do not require a lot of effort in terms of care and maintenance, including aloe vera, snake plant, and orchid.

Customize Your Cabinets 

To make the bathroom elegant, do not go with run-of-the-mill cabinets. If you want creative storage solutions, go for customized cabinetry. This way, you can choose the color and texture, even the handles, depending on what will complement the overall look of the bathroom, such as the tiles and other decorative pieces.

Change the Lighting 

The lights can make or break the bathroom. It is a crucial design consideration, so make sure to choose the right lights. A chandelier is a good focal point if space in the bathroom permits. Elegant sconces on the left and right sides of the mirror will be great alternatives to the usual light bar on the top. Mood lighting is also a great addition if you want the bathroom to be more relaxing like a spa.

Choose the Right Colors 

Simplicity goes hand in hand with elegance. With this, choose colors that are simple, like white and neutral hues. They create sleek and clean lines that are sure to be reminiscent of bathrooms in luxury hotels. The colors should perfectly complement each other. Whether it is the floor, wall, cabinet, sink, and bathroom accessories, pick colors that blend well.

Use Bathmats and Rugs 

An elegant bathroom is also possible with the use of the right mats and rugs. They add aesthetic and texture. If the mats are dirty and boring, it is a sure-fire way to ruin the entire look of the bathroom. A simple tufted wool rug can instantly upgrade the aesthetics of the room while giving your feet a comfortable and warm place to rest as you stand. 

With our suggestions above, you are not just going to make the bathroom look more elegant, but you will also be transforming it into space you don’t want to leave! It will be your new favorite part of your home! 

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