How to Plan a Hen Party Abroad like a Professional

How to Plan a Hen Party Abroad like a Professional

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It can be quite stressful to make wedding preparations. You have to deal with a wide range of tasks including selecting the color motif and decors, finding flower suppliers, fitting wedding dresses, working on the wedding invitation design and even checking out food caters.

Handling such tasks can be nerve-wracking and tiring. They can take a toll on your overall physical appearance and emotional wellbeing.

Before you go on a complete meltdown, you should take a break. Spend time with your girls, grab a fancy dress, and enjoy your last few days as a single woman.

What better way to forget about your wedding worries than flying off to a foreign country with your closest gals. 

If you think that planning a hen party abroad is a daunting task, think again. We have laid out all the nitty-gritty tips you need to plan a hassle-free bachelorette party.

Settle the date and the budget

Setting the day for your hen party abroad is the easiest task. Just talk to your girls, come up with a common time so you can start booking your hotel, train ride, and airplane ticket.

Consider the duration of the trip. How long do you want to celebrate your hen party abroad? Will your bridal squad be free for the whole length of the trip?

After you settle the schedule, you can start thinking about the tricky part of the planning process – setting the working budget.

How much money can you afford to spend on the trip? Will you be sponsoring the flight tickets? The hotel accommodation? The food? Will, you split the bill with the rest of the squad?

By setting the budget, you can easily determine what sort of activities you should do during the trip.

Book plane tickets together

Nothing can be more horrifying than realizing that the half of your bridal squad is coming late to your rendezvous point at the airport because their flight got delayed.

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To avoid major delays and long waiting time, you should book your plane and train tickets together. 

In case you want to get seated together in the plane, you also have book your flight early. Booking early will also help you save money and avoid overbooked planes.

Lend your girls a hand

How to Plan a Hen Party Abroad like a Professional

Photo by Julie Johnson from Unsplash

It’s possible that one of your guests haven’t gone to a foreign country yet. She may need a few pointers on what to prepare or what documents she needs to bring along. 

You can also help your girls pack. Check the weather condition and climate in your target destination and make sure everyone packs the right outfit. Remind your gals to bring their personal essentials such as medications. 

Spice it up!

Of course, you have to think about the activities you’ll do while you’re abroad. Each country offers a wide array of exciting destinations for bachelorette party celebrants.

Perhaps you can try hosting a life drawing party if ever you fly to the UK so you can unleash your creative and playful side with the gals.

If you decide to visit Asian countries such as Korea and Japan, you might want to hoard their beauty products. You can definitely use their facial masks.

In case you book a hen party celebration in South America, don’t forget to enjoy their insanely fun beach parties.

Enjoy every activity that you share with your girlfriends. You don’t need to be super particular about the itinerary. Just have a clear overview of the places and things you want to do so you can make the most out of your trip.

Check everything!

Before your trip, make sure that everything is in order. Did your credit card payments for the hotel come through? How about the airplane tickets? Do you have all the travel documents needed?

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Don’t forget about the hotel and airport transfers, most especially if you and your squad decided to party all night. This way, everyone can get back to the hotel safely after a crazy night out.

Try to designate the tasks to your trusted girlfriends so you don’t have to handle the planning your hen party vacation alone.

Make sure you have a Plan B!

Sometimes, things do go as plan. To ensure that you still have a good time, you need to come up with a Plan B.

For example, if one of your guests gets separated during the festivities, she should have a business card of the hotel. Everyone should also have emergency contact numbers with them while you travel around a foreign country.

Try to read a bit about the country you will visit. If they don’t speak English, have a phrase book ready. If they have strict dress codes, make sure you tell everyone on your guest list to bring the right garment with them.

How to Plan a Hen Party Abroad like a Professional

Photo by Valerie Elash from Unsplash

We gave you all of the tips you need to organize a kick-ass hen party. As you can see, it doesn’t need to be complicated.  You just need to take note of the essential things. That way, you can focus more on bonding with your cherished girlfriends and relaxing before you get hitched.

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