5 useful travel hacks for an amazing road trip

5 useful travel hacks for an amazing road trip

If you have ever been on a road journey, either with your family or friends, you’d readily agree with me when I say that road tours are the most awesome kind of trips. Firstly, because it’s meant for all ages. And secondly, because short or long, road trips bring with them the memories that nothing else can. A road trip can be an absolute fun when you have great company sitting beside you. Long tiring routes are transformed into fun-filled sessions of unceasing chitchatting, eating and drinking. In addition, you can conveniently enjoy the amazing views on the way, rest while the other passenger takes his turn at the steering wheel and make stoppages wherever and whenever needed.

I know I have tempted you enough to plan one such excursion right away, but before you rush to set out on one, take time to read our finely curated list of 5 zero cool travel hacks that can magnify your experience and add a feeling of complacency to the whole expedition.

1. Carry a multi-way charger

When you are taking a longer route, expect your gadgets to die down unapologetically. Therefore, packing a single charger won't really fulfill the purpose when all the passengers would obviously be carrying their own electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, iPods etc. It's thus, a wiser choice to go for a multi-utility one that can cater to more than 2 devices at a time. This saves time and prevents any kind of potential distress while you are on the go.

2. An unrestricted GPS system

When you are touring to a new place, chances are high that you’d need a utilitarian navigation system for smooth sailing. But it’s impractical to take a halt every time you need to take a look at your phone’s navigation system and doing it while being at the wheel is a dangerous choice and a complete no-no from our side.

Opt for a rather smarter option to either use a sticky pad to hold it in place. Or try a DIY binder clip and a rubber band to make your own phone holder and clip it onto the air vents. This way your phone can be placed at your eye level making it easier for you to follow the directions.

Also, you can’t trust the network services to be with you all the time. So it is better to take screenshots of all the directions while you still have a Wi-Fi connection. It’ll save you the frustration that may arise when you find yourself in a no network region.

3. A bed in the car

When you are traveling to far off places, it's natural to feel exhausted. And when this happens, the need for a power nap becomes inevitable. In such circumstances, a blow-up bed shall prove to be just what you need. Simply blow it up and give your body and mind, the right kinda relaxation for their rejuvenation.

4. An emergency kit

This is the most indispensable part of road trips. As a matter of fact, it’s only sensible to be prepared for everything in advance. Therefore,  whenever you decide to embark upon your journey via road, you must consider, bringing an emergency kit on board. This kit essentially comprises of a first-aid kit, a tire pump, flashlight, jumper cables, set of moist wipes, lotion, hand sanitizer, water bottles, and athletic tapes etc. The choice of contents can vary, depending upon individual needs or perceptions.

We suggest the same to those who prefer to cover the distances on their motorcycles. When you are packing your motorcycle adventure products, please remember to take your emergency kits as well.

5. Munching on the go

This isn't necessarily a hack but the road trips lose much of their fun element if they don’t include some of the super delicious snacks to mark the journey. Whether it’s your favorite chocolate box, or the mouthwatering variety of junk food, or an exquisite range of healthier snack options, pick anything that you may like. There are simply no rules to make food selections for a fun trip. You can have it all.

Gym lovers are also advised to carry their pre-workout supplements as well so they don’t lose on their fitness because of their love for travel.

Final words

A quick tip before taking the road is to get your vehicle serviced before you hit the road. This is said to be one of the ways to avoid most breakdowns. Make it a point to visit a mechanic few days in advance and have your oil, tire pressure, alignment etc. checked and get the brakes, batteries and the engine double-checked for their proper functioning before you set out to put the roads on fire. And as the old adage goes, ‘Journey is more important than the destination’. Keep this one in mind and make the most out of your travel diaries.

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