Weight loss without help from the outside, is it possible?

weight loss

The summer season is in full swing and more than ever we have the motivation to get into shape and look stunning on the beach. Many of us have been wise enough and have started the preparation for the summer, observing the weight loss regimes long before the start of the summer season, but the next few lines are intended for those of you who want to get rid of some extra kilos at the last moment. Weight loss without help from the outside, is it possible?

How do we usually lose weight on our own, without external help? Weight loss without help from the outside, is it possible?

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We follow a diet, we train more, and we increase the water intake. The choice of diets and workouts is as varied as the individual needs, but the first step is to start limiting the intake of calories. What does this mean? This means gradually reducing the intake of calories especially from sweet foods containing white refined sugar, and we should avoid the consumption of doughy products made from white flour, also the white salt, fatty and heavy foods, semi-prepared products, and we should consume more fresh fruits and vegetables instead of foods that are thermally processed.

It is important to note that the process must be smooth without pushing the body. This will also make the results more long lasting.

The path of purification and detoxification is not easy, but the benefits for the organism are countless.

How does detox help us? Detoxification is the process by which, through proper diet, we achieve purification of the body from harmful toxins. The term detoxification has become particularly popular in recent years because of the conditions in which we live. Big cities are contaminated, we breathe polluted air. The food we eat contains pesticides, nitrates and all kinds of chemicals. The cosmetics we use are often poisonous for us because of oil, sulfates, carcinogenic preservatives, parabens and so on, which enter through the skin into our body.

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These are the reasons why we need to make detoxification regimes for our bodies. All of these toxins that enter our organism are the cause of poor immune system functions and frequent illness, chronic illnesses, overweight, and so on. Weight loss without help from the outside, is it possible?

If we’ve decided to combine detoxification with weight loss, from where do we start?

As stated above, first of all, it is a good idea to gradually reduce the intake of harmful foods and to gradually focus on the consumption of fresh foods that are less thermally processed – fruits, vegetables, soups, salads. Well, if you eat meat, it is best to limit the intake of meat products and then of the dairy products. Increase the intake of liquids! Drink plenty of water in which you can add lemon to alkaline the body. After the first stage of detoxification, which includes the gradual exclusion of foods that accumulate toxins in the body, comes the actual detox program, which in general includes a diet prepared specifically for you by a physician that includes fruit and vegetable juices, raw fruits and vegetables and tea. The actual detox should not last for a long time, for example, a week or two is enough time to cleanse the body from the accumulated toxins, but if you want to treat a disease, then you can perform detoxification for a longer period, but under medical supervision.

However, when talking about diet regimes, detox programs and a weight loss plan, it is always good these to be tailored to your individual needs and be prepared by a specialist dietician. There are various clinics in which you can get competent help – among the best weight loss clinics in Bulgaria is LuckyFit – it is located in the beautiful mountain town of Bansko and combines a special menu prepared for you with an individual physical regimen. Here, within a week or two, you will achieve great results without starving and stressing your body and psyche.

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