Storage Solutions: How to Organize Your E-commerce Warehouse for Ultimate Productivity

Storage Solutions: How to Organize Your E-commerce Warehouse for Ultimate Productivity

What's the best way to organize a warehouse? Well, I can assure that only a combination of the right storage solutions will boost your productivity. You need to come up with an efficient e-commerce operation as research shows that 84% of Americans like to buy from vendors who they are familiar with and whose reputation is great. That's why you need to come up with an elaborate floor plan. Place commonly ordered products closest to the warehouse’s main pick up area. Ensure you come up with a warehouse organization system that properly utilizes time, effort, and the warehouse’s floor space.

Organize and Automate Warehouse Operations

Being organized affects every aspect of running the warehouse. That's why its the first storage solution to implement. Every item and space should be labeled. Minimize unauthorized traffic in the warehouse. Automate some of the functions in the warehouse-like data entry initiatives. Barcode scanning greatly improves collecting and counting which increases accuracy and speed of processing orders. Well-Organized inventory storage simplifies your daily operation. It ultimately boosts productivity by giving employees an easy time to navigate the warehouse and fulfill orders.

Leverage the Pareto Principal

This principle reduces workers’ travel time when completing tasks, increase order fulfillment and reduce picking and counting error. There are different variations of the 80-20 rule and based on this principle, 20% of your stock keeping units (SKUs) can be found in 80% of your orders. Following this rule, group 20% of your catalog closest to the warehouse’s pick up area.

Process Incoming Stock Promptly

Processing shipments as soon as they come allows you to take care of damages and shortages in good time. It also allows employees to update stock details and have an easy time finding items. Failure to put away new stock might have employees on a wild goose chase when trying to fulfill an order. Processing incoming stock promptly not only saves you time but ensures you avoid the confusion of having something in stock and missing it on shelves.

Rack Your Pallets

What comes to mind each time you think about warehouse organization? For many, it’s a house where goods are stacked up awaiting collection. You need to manage warehouse space optimally. Installing a vertical storage system maximizes floor space. Pallet racking is a cost-effective storage solution that ensures items are closest to the main pick up station. You'll see what we mean when you click here.

Ensure the Warehouse is a Safe Work Environment

Aside from the organization, you should prioritize the safety of your employees. Warehouse accidents not only cost you labor and productivity but also result in expensive lawsuits. Training and updating employees on safety measures ensure they know how to operate every machinery in the warehouse. For example, ensure that employees are trained in forklift operation so that they don’t suffer injuries. It is also essential to ensure each worker adheres to safety protocols. Make sure they are aware of common warehouse accidents and how to avoid them.

Get Solving with Storage Solutions

Automate warehouse functions to improve efficiency. Label every item and space in the warehouse. Manage warehouse traffic to cut the confusion. It ensures authorized employees have an easy time navigating the warehouse when they are fulfilling orders. Put safety protocols in place to ensure all your workforce is available. Warehouse storage solutions allow you to save time and boost productivity. After more helpful advice for your warehouse or SME? Check out our business blog today!

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