3 Little-Known Facts About Self Storage

3 Little-Known Facts About Self Storage

Storing your items can seem like a big deal that requires a lot of time, patience, money, and confusion. This is untrue, the process is actually quite easy and finding a cost-effective storage facility can take as little as a few minutes. Since a lot of people are lacking in their knowledge of self-storage, here are 3 facts a lot of people may not know about it.

It’s easy to figure out how much it’s going to cost

It’s not as expensive as you think it is to rent a space at a facility. Actually, it’s simple and can be calculated before making any decisions or signing any contracts. Since the need for storage often comes during times of large transitions, like moving or renovating, an extra bill can make a lot of people nervous.

You can find out the average price of rental space in your local area and figure out the amount of space you need. Once you know the number of square feet you will require, you can calculate the amount you would pay for a month of storage. If you need the unit longer you can multiple days or months and find out any biannual or annual expenses that would need to be set aside for storage.

The amount of storage units outnumbers McDonald’s restaurants

It’s crazy to think that the most popular restaurant in the United States takes up less room than storage facilities, but it is true. The number of storage facilities is actually triple the number of McDonald’s restaurants located in the United States.

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This large amount of storage facilities means you have plenty of options. Finding storage units frisco area facilities is fast and easy. They can tell you what your options are, the amenities they offer, any security features they have installed on the premises, and what type of items you can store in their facilities.

Storage units aren’t a modern concept

Self-storage has been around for thousands of years. The first facility of our century was built in 1958, but researchers found units that date back more than 6,000 years ago. These units were built in China, and they included items like flip-flops and family heirlooms. Even some collectible items were found inside these ancient storage units.

This is not unlike modern times, as people still use units to store extra clothing such as shoes and accessories. Furniture and seasonal decorations are also kept in modern storage units, making the ancient storage units not that much different from the modern ones people utilize.

If you are looking for a storage unit, find one that is right for you. Each storage unit is different and can house different items within them based on what the company allows. These 3 facts about storage may have surprised you, but they also showed you the versatility of storage units and facilities. The cost is not as much as many people expect, storage units are so popular that they outnumber McDonald’s, and storage units have been around for thousands of years.

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