7 Essential Home Office Pieces

7 Essential Home Office Pieces laptop

With the technological developments of today, new career opportunities have lit up the business scene. Of course, we’re talking about working at home. Combining your work and personal life has never been easier and scarier, all at the same time. After all, the question of organization in this situation becomes the most prominent. The first thing on the list of the organization is creating a designated office space in your home. To do this, you’ll need to get creative. Your productivity should be your main concern. That’s why you should have some essential home office pieces, and then build your dream office from there.

    7 Essential Home Office Pieces pistachios

1. Snack department

You’re bound to get hungry after a long day in the office. Of course, since there’s work to be done, you can’t just go to the kitchen and make yourself a meal. Hunting snacks all over the house is a bad idea, too, as it makes you lose focus. It may be hard to get back to work when you get out of your groove.

This is precisely why your home office should contain a healthy snack department. It could be just a little basket or drawer filled with your favorite fruit, nuts, or dark chocolate. All of these foods raise energy levels and help you increase focus, making you likely to finish work early.

7 Essential Home Office Pieces organization

2. Personal details

Adding some personal details to your office will make it feel homier and more comfortable. This may sound unnecessary since you’re already at home, but your designated office space may end up looking and feeling cold and impersonal. This is in no way what you want as it makes you detached from your work and decreases your motivation.

Use your lucky pen, add a quirky desk piece or frame a picture of your family and hand it up. Motivational posters also work. Any piece of you in your office is good.

7 Essential Home Office Pieces picture frames

3. Adequate storage room

You’ll need to store a lot of things in your office. Important documents, files, valuables, and things you don’t need right now but will surely come back to later are all things that need storage room. You can look for side tables or office closets with many shelves or drawers. Another idea is to get a piece of furniture with woven baskets. You can add as many baskets as you like and have each one dedicated to a different office segment.

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Introducing storage room will help you stay organized and on track of your obligations. You’ll know exactly where everything is and how to get to it. This will help you stay efficient and de-cluttered. In turn, your productivity and motivation are bound to skyrocket.

7 Essential Home Office Pieces computers

4. High-tech tech

The basis of any good office is having state of the art technology. What’s the use of working at home (or in any office for that matter) if you’ve got an ancient computer and a printer which seldom prints? Old and cheap technology will leave you frustrated and unmotivated to work. In this environment, it will be harder to get your equipment to cooperate than to actually do your job.

This is why you should invest in a proper computer and printer and scanner. Of course, this goes for any other pieces of technology you might need. Let’s not forget the importance of a good and fast internet connection. No work can be done if you’re waiting ages for a site to load.

7 Essential Home Office Pieces plants

5. Some plants

Fresh plants and flowers are a welcome sight for any home office. You’ll be adding style as well as oxygen to your premises. The type of plants you choose depends on the kind of office you want to create. You can opt for plants with minimal color so as to promote a calm and relaxing feeling every time you step into your office.

If you want to inspire a happy and alert feeling, color is definitely the way to go. Adding fresh and colorful flowers will surely do the trick. These also have an advantage over the minimalistic plant décor as they introduce a calming scent to your environment. We often underestimate the positive effects vanilla or lavender fragrance can have on our mood and productivity.

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7 Essential Home Office Pieces home office

6. A comfortable office chair

Since you’re creating an at-home office, it’d be nice to splurge for a high-quality office chair. This will make your mornings or afternoons spent in your office more comfortable. What’s more, it’ll make you feel more professional. The key to being productive at home is making the environment feel as professional as it can be.

The trouble with office chairs is that no matter how good the quality is, they’ll still end up damaging your hardwood floor or carpet after a while. This is why you should visit places like Mat Shop which offer handy and cute little mats that keep your office floors safe from any damage. By doing so, you’ll be reaching maximum functionality and practicality of your new office.

7. Good lighting

Finally, nothing can be done without good lighting. Your office should be well lit up so as to make long hours working there more comfortable. You should invest in a good desk lamp as well as a standing or ceiling light. Light helps keep you awake and makes it easier to focus on the tasks at hand.

If it’s possible, you should have natural light in your office as well. Big windows which let the sunlight in are preferable. This way you’ll be getting some vitamin D and boosting your mood, which will, in turn, boost your productivity. Add some curtains to tie everything together and achieve the effect of a proper and beautiful office.


There are many ways to decorate a home office. What you decide to put in it depends on you entirely. These items will help you get started and figure out what it is exactly you’re looking for in a home office space. The happiness and confidence you’ll feel in your new office will be all the motivation you need to nail every assignment you get and achieve great success. Get ready to become your own employee of the month, every month; a little confidence goes a long way.

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