Easy and Smart Cleaning Tips: Here’s a Handy Checklist of the Most Effective Home Cleaning Tactics

Easy and Smart Cleaning Tips

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. This biblical saying affects eternity and stands true to all times. So much so that cleanliness and the maintenance of proper hygiene is a part of every popular culture.

One can hardly dispute the fact that keeping our houses clean is much like religion and there is certainly no turning away from it. Everybody, young or old, rich or poor does his or her share to keep their home clean and tidy.

However, keeping your house clean is not an easy task. It certainly calls for the implementation of the best of means and cleansing resources to ensure that the standards of hygiene are duly maintained.

In this article, therefore, I am going to lay the cleaning measures that are not only the most effective but also the smartest of all tricks of keeping our houses clean. Thus, without any further ado, let us begin.

Keep your House Clean – Lead a Mess-free and Healthy Life

As promised, in this post, I am going to shed light upon some of the most amazing tricks of keeping your household clean and tidy, However, before I do that, let us have a look at the generic importance and benefits of keeping our domesticity clean and tidy.

Well, to speak the truth, entering a tidy home feels like we are in heaven. However, cleaning your house is neither a safe job nor is it everybody’s cup of tea. It is nonetheless of measureless importance.

Essentially because a clean house promises you with a stress-free and healthy life. Thus, assuring you the wellbeing of your loved ones.

Now isn’t that a priceless award for you? I am sure it is. It is definitely worth all the hackle. Thus, here are some of the core benefits of home cleaning. Do have a look at them.

The promise of a Stress-free Life

Our lives already being far too stressful, you would definitely not want to add on to it. However, an unclean house can accentuate your stress beyond measure. Residing in an unclean home makes an adverse impact on the psyche of the inhabitants.

One is bound to suffocate feeling ill at ease. Besides, you can’t really spend all your life in an unclean atmosphere. Thus, if you haven’t tidied your house for a prolonged period of, it becomes indeed stressful to clean it up in one shot.

While if your abode is neat and tidy, it does have a rejuvenating effect on your mind, keeping you healthy and jovial.

Make your Home Aesthetically Pleasing

Having one’s own house is a dream we all cherish all our lives. In fact, we do strive to convert this dream into reality. Undoubtedly the ones who achieve feel the king.

And you will certainly do your bit to ensure that your beautiful home is aesthetically pleasing. All of us spend endless hours, even days and months together planning out its decorations and interiors.

And, all this only to make our home visually appealing. You must realize that cleanliness is the first step towards the rendition of divine aesthetic to your homes.

Ensure your Family a Healthy and Hygienic Life

What truly makes our home divine is the healthy wellbeing of our family. To ensure that, you must give your family healthy surrounding to breathe free.

Keeping your house tidy and hazard-free is thus an imperative as it ensures the health and hygiene of your family.

Make your Home Safe for Kids  

Kids are a boon to a family. Their carefree innocence, wild exuberance, joy, vitality, and pulsating enthusiasm transform your home into paradise. However, they are also equally vulnerable.

Kids, being under the constant need of adult supervision is completely your responsibility. It is you who needs to take good care of their health and well being. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to keep your domesticity clean and tidy.

No clutter essentially ensures lesser tripping hazards. Less dirt promises your child a disease-free life.

Resist Pest Infestations

When you tidy your house, you leave no room for insects and pests to breed in your house. Preventing clutter from piling up will ensure that your house is pest-free and safe.


The Most Effective House Cleaning Tips you Must Try – It’s Time for Smart Cleaning

In our fast and busy life, home cleaning is pretty much toil. Besides, it is indeed a time-consuming and exhausting affair. Nevertheless, in this smart and dynamic age, house-cleaning has become smarter with easy and smart tips.

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And below, I have listed some of the handiest and effective tricks for the same. Do give them a read.

Some Facts on Home Cleaning Tactics you Must Consider

We assume house-cleaning to be an arduous affair. However, that’s more of a perception, an assumption that most of us love to cherish than reality. In fact, one of the grievous mistakes to commit is to start cleaning one room after the other, which many call “Zone Cleaning”.

This is certainly going to take you eternity. To quote the words of the proprietor of “ Just Like New Cleaning in Fort Collins, Colorado”, Lisa Romero, “You can either clean your kitchen in four hours or clean your entire house top to bottom in four hours.”

And what’s all the more perilous and unproductive is to get extra focus on one area while cleaning so as to ignore the rest. Instead, what you should do is clean each and every spectrum of your house.

This might apparently seem too much, however, the process is pretty simple. Only, you know the tricks well.

And what better trick than just to wipe things down and move on. From one room to the other, down through your kitchen and bathroom to even the floors, proper dusting makes it way too easier for you.

The process, referred to as Task Cleaning is far more effective. Besides, the process enables you to tidy one chore, say, for instance, dusting your house entirely, before you proceed further on to the next.

And to put the words of Ronald Payne, proprietor of “RZJ Janitorial Services in Plano, Texas”, ”…… it’s a good workout”. Indeed, as you walk around dusting your rooms, it is going to be a workout for you.

In the section that follows, I am going to offer you a stepwise guide about the smart cleaning tips to avail for the purpose of home-cleaning.

Step 1: Start with Dusting

This is not the end but just how you begin. Ensure that you have dusted each of your rooms well enough including the top of your furniture and underneath your shelves.

Make sure you haven’t spared a single iota of dirt. Be it your handrails, photo frames, television screens or knick-knacks- everything should be neat and tidy without the tiniest trace of dirt.

In this regard, it’s best for you to opt for dry-dusting. For, getting a duster makes things all the more difficult.

Step 2: Tidy your Furniture Fabrics

This is indeed important; something you can’t afford to miss. Simply dusting your homes does you little good. Your cleaning process is largely incomplete if you let go of your furniture fabrics.

So, look around your house for any left-over dirt-spilled furniture covers or pillows. You will also have to strip and neaten your bed covers. For such deep cleaning of your furniture, you can make use of furniture Brushes that come with vacuum extension.

Step 3: Clear the Glass Panes and Mirrors

Tidying your mirrors and window glass panes is not at all a difficult task. All you must do is, rub through the mirrors and glass panes gently. Dry-dusting will do, but if there are deep stains, make sure you opt for wet cleaning instead.

Avail proper precautionary measures while dusting. Dust it gently and make sure you leave no scratch or traces of dirt.

Step 4: Ensure your Kitchen is Clean and Hygienic Enough

When talking about cleanliness, the kitchen and the dining hall should be your focal concern. You can’t go careless about the hygiene of the cooking utensils and the overall quality of food intake at large.

Therefore, start with your dishes and your cooking ports and tumblers. Make sure you don’t have heaps of unclean or unwashed dishes piled up in your kitchen sink.

Now while cooking, you may burn out some of your cooking pots once in a while. If so, you should not leave it unclean.

Thus, to do away with deep burns and scorches, you can always use baking soda as well as boiling water. Thereafter, as and when the boiled water cools, you can easily use the baking soda and gently scrub the scorch away. Once the stains are gone, wash your pots with soapy water.

Next, you should clean your kitchen sink with care, especially the faucet. You can use a branded cleaner in order to wash away the dirt, food particles and bacteria out of it.

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Likewise, you should be cautious enough to tidy your microwave sponge as well as the ones you use for dishwashers. If you are using a microwave, make sure that the sponge you use does not contain metal elements.

Also, take care to clean the Sponges at a regular frequency.

Step 5: Ensure the Surfaces are Tidy Enough

Dust the Stovetops as well as kitchen counter well. Cleaning the stove top is essentially important as the stains of grease and drips become backed when you leave them unwashed for too long.

In order to scour away the greasy film or the splatters, you can avail the non-scratch scrub sponge which is called the Dobie Pad. Such cleaning pads work well against the stubborn stains of oil and grease.

You must also wash the cooking appliances with care regularly so as resist the dirt and grease from setting in. Use branded cleaners to tidy small cooking containers and appliances such as blenders and toasters. Dusting them frequently will also serve your purpose well enough.

Step 6: Keep your Bathroom Clean

No other place require regular cleaning as much as your bathroom. In fact, you must clean up your bathroom once every weak.

For, if you detain longer, the task of cleaning it into an ordeal. Besides even if you are cleaning once in every week, bathroom cleaning takes time.

Right from scrubbing the shower or the sink to clean the floor tiles and grout to removing the soap scum, it is indeed a painstaking process. For the purpose of cleaning the bathroom shower or the toilet, you can really on cleaners and products specifically designed for the cleaning purpose.

If you have to clean the grout instead, you may use a product that effectively eliminates the mold- and mildew. On the other hand, if you wish to clear out the soap scum that sets on your shower doors made of glass.

Such sticky stains do take the breath out of you. Nonetheless, however painstaking, it can be done, only if you know the correct measures.

All you can do is use a wet dryer sheet in order to scrub the glass in a circular manner. Thereafter, when the white film appears, you can rub it off gently with water and paper towels.

Hair Management

This accounts to be a serious issue and a potential threat to a clean and tidy bathroom. And that’s where you need a vacuum cleaner most. Picking up hairs manually is a fruitless endeavor. And some vacuum cleaners are essentially effective for hair management.

Besides, you can also try dry mopping or sweeping. For the families having hairy pets, vacuum cleaners are a must. You can make use of the best of vacuum cleaners for cleaning up the hairs of your pets.

In this regard, you use either a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner, as per your needs and requirements. In fact, you can avail the best of vacuum cleaners to provide your pets with hygienic security.

You can also have a handheld vacuum cleaner in order to keep the floor of your bathroom clean.

Step 7: Use Pesticides and Insecticides to Keep your House Safe from Insects and Bacterial Infection

Last but not least, ensure that the house doesn’t become the breeding hub of insects and pests. In order to resist such threats, must use reliable pesticides and insecticides. Also, you must use disinfectants and top-ranked home-cleaning products to ensure the safety and hygienic security of your house.

Note that you should also be careful while using any chemicals because they are often hazardous. Therefore, use it only when needed, availing the best of precautionary measures before doing so.

Wrapping up

A clean and healthy house is no less than a paradise. And so is your home to you. Living with your family in your own sweet abode is indeed an idyllic experience.

And by means of availing the cleaning tips I offered, you can further add to the beauty of your house. Therefore, try them out and live a cherished, healthy and peaceful life. A life of Divine bliss is awaiting you, make the most of it.

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