What advantages a company should take of Google my business

What advantages a company should take of Google my business

Google- the search engine giants want to keep all its users happy. For Google, making users happy is about providing accurate information that they are looking for. More accurate the information, chances are higher for using the services further.

Google is constantly improving its search results which in turn helps them create a better advertising platform by bringing in more ad-based revenue from local business that previously was not a part of paid advertising.  Google my business makes sure that local business is visible well, which is a win-win situation for all the parties.

Let us first make a close eye to know what actually Google My Business is!

Google My Business helps the business to get their products and offerings featured on various platforms like Search Engine Result Page (SERP’s), review and instant content. Owners can control how their business is displayed across all Google platforms.

To get going with the idea of listing your business, download the application from your Google/iOS app store and register your business. Once you provide them with a handful of information that they require to establish the genuinity of your business, you are good to go with using their feature-rich Google My Business for posting product, creating content, Bookings and making your customers post reviews about your business.

Let us look at what benefits can a business extract from registering into Google My Business

Providing consistent information

Previously, a major issue was to get your business accurately presented online with all the information. But with Google My Business, it has now become simpler and easier to do with utmost accurate data. You can update the name, address, contact details, working hours and other such information. You can also provide your FAQ that could be helpful to customers. The accurate information helps a lot in generating new business leads.

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Create a better first impression

You can upload images about your best selling products, production facility, office, and many such things. This will help you create a good impact on customers that will ultimately facilitate their buying decision. Power now lies in the hand of the business owner!

Tap the web

You can now improve the way your business is seen by users and third party website that will crawl your information and put it into their database. The information provided will be accurate and more trustable as it is updated by you on Google My Business. Google will also take into consideration this information during a local search result for best user experience.

Insights from Google

The businesses using this feature from Google get their hands on the insights available about the user data as to how their customer has landed onto their website. With such vital information, you can understand what works in your favor and what doesn’t and tweak your information/strategy to be more visible to your target customers.

Get your business reviewed

Getting business reviews is an important element for business as far as SEO is concerned. Not only it helps with SEO but also builds credibility about the business when the user looks for any information. Google My Business makes it a two-way conversation wherein you can thank your client of helping them in case they have an issue with any of your product or service. It is a free signup tool and no cost is attached to it. So, all that you get is Benefits!

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Creating posts

You can create some post or additional information for users as well. This can be an offer or a limited period discount or any such thing. This is just another free advertising mean that you can tweak at your convenience of business reputation and increase your sales.

Generate Sales

Google My Business can help you book appointments and make sales by accepting online payments. This can be a remarkable benefit to those into freelance servicing industry. Improve your ranks and get sales is like double the benefit for your business.

To conclude the idea of being on Google My Business, all it takes you is some efforts to get your business listed and maintain the same for generating more reputation and business. You can tap new clients from around your area which by other means is very difficult to know as to who all are interested in acquiring your products or services.

Signing up takes less than 15 minutes. It is one important investment you can make to grow your business more by increasing its visibility.

Author Bio: Noel is an Expert SEO Consultant at Eminent InfoWeb LLP which is a Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad, who is focused on developing businesses to expand sales online through increased website traffic and conversions. He also likes to share his knowledge through his content and has written down many articles related to Digital Marketing.

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