Practice Safe Diving: 10 Scuba Accessories Every Diver Needs

Practice Safe Diving: 10 Scuba Accessories Every Diver Needs

Scuba diving is one of the most extraordinary sports that you can enjoy. It allows you to explore the 71% of the Earth’s surface that is covered in water. This is only possible because of the lifesaving equipment that we use. But scuba diving is also fun, enjoyable and exciting. That’s why we’ve put together 10 scuba accessories that you need to have the best time possible while you’re exploring underwater.

A Gear Bag

There’s no point buying any other accessories without buying yourself a gear bag. It means that you’ll be able to organize, travel with and protect your belongings when your above water. The right gear bag will be big enough for everything you need, but not too large that it makes transport difficult. It will also be strong enough to withstand fluctuating temperatures, waterproof to prevent valuables from getting wet, and sturdy so that it can withstand travel. It will keep all of your equipment safe and secure. Try to buy a bag that is as light as possible, whilst satisfying all of your other needs. This will make it easier to carry and is more likely to meet weight restrictions when traveling.

A Dry Bag

A dry bag is also an important accessory to keep your belonging safe and secure. This is to be used on the boat when you’re going out for a dive. ‘Dry areas’ on dive boats are hard to find at the best of times. It can be very difficult to keep your valuables protected. Make sure to get yourself an airtight dry bag that will keep your valuable belongings protected from water. There’s nothing worse than having a soggy towel to dry off with. Dry bag sizes are usually specified in liters. Again, try to find a bag that’s big enough for your belongings, but not too large to become inconvenient on the boat.

A Moldable Mouthpiece

Make your dive as comfortable as possible with a moldable mouthpiece. Do you find yourself fighting to get your regulator to sit comfortably and correctly in your mouth? Do you finish dives and find you have sore lips or an aching jaw? A moldable mouthpiece prevents all of this. It is simple and adjust and attach to your regulator and sits firmly in your mouth. It means that you can focus on your dive, feeling safe and comfortable.

A Full Face Scuba Mask

Why not go one step further? Change your whole diving experience with a full face scuba mask, and make the most of your dive. Breath naturally as you inhale and exhale through your nose or mouth, keeping you calm and relaxed. You’ll be able to see much more of the water around you with an uninterrupted view and less risk of water getting into your mask. Totally transform your diving and get yourself a full face scuba mask.

Dive lights

Good dive lights are a necessity if you want to see more of the underwater world that you’re exploring. Daylights will only give you visibility until around 30 feet under, and you’ll need much more if you’re planning to dive at night. Make sure you have the right dive lights to give you visibility and allow you to peer into any crevices that you come across.

A Compass

Most of today’s dive computers come with a digital compass, but it’s a good idea to get a separate compass in case your dive computer malfunctions. Your compass can help if you need directional assistance underwater. Make sure that you always know where you are, and where you want to be. Plus, you can impress your diving buddies by finding the boat without coming up to the surface.

A Dive Knife

A dive knife is considered one of the must-have diving accessories. It’s an incredibly important safety tool in case you get tangled in any fishing lines or nets, or need to get yourself out of any other difficulties. It is recommended that you choose an aluminum knife rather than stainless steel. Aluminum will not corrode or rust, so will last longer and perform to a much higher standard. A 5-inch-long knife is usually enough for any potential underwater situations. You then need to decide what tip you’d prefer, where you want the serrated edge and line cutter, and what sheath you’d like.

Surface signaling devices

When your diving, the current or your own exploration can sometimes take you away from the boat. That’s a common experience, but it’s best to be prepared and make sure that you don’t feel lost or overwhelmed. A surface marker buoy is usually a long and colorful tube above the surface, that shows those on the boat where you’re diving. You can also get yourself a whistle and signally mirror in case you need to get the boat’s attention for assistance.

A GPS Rescue Device

No one wants to get lost at sea, and there are plenty of systems in place to ensure that this doesn’t happen. For peace of mind, a GPS rescue device is a highly recommended scuba accessory. When activated, the device sends your GPS position to boats in the surrounding area. The latest models can also float to the surface from 425 feet underwater.

A Tool Kit

A tool kit is a very useful scuba diving accessory. It will allow you to make basic repairs to minor gear failures so that you can continue to enjoy your dive.

Scuba Accessories that You Need 

All scuba divers know the basic equipment needed to enable them to explore the underwater world. The sport would not be possible without it. But make the most of your time underwater with these scuba accessories. They’ll make your dives as comfortable, enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. Thinking of where to go scuba diving next? India has some amazing sites to explore. Find out more about visiting India here.

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