Reasons why you should travel to India next

Reasons why you should travel to India next

If you are looking for a destination where you can travel cheap, explore different cultures, have lots to eat, you can choose India as your next stop. Travelers who are keen on exploring different places even if they have to step out of their comfort zone will love India. It is a place full of values, customs, and a beautiful blend of history and diversity.

Reasons to travel to India

Check out reasons why you must head to India for your next trip abroad:

     1. Affordable

India is a comparatively affordable country where you can spend less and explore more. Since budget is an important consideration, this molds the way you plan your trip. If you are headed for a long tour where you can travel from one state to another, India will give great diversity and at an affordable price.

     2. Diversity

India is a mix of cultures and values. Every state has different regional languages and also shows a stark contrast in lifestyles and beliefs. From North India to South India, you will find some similarity among all the people you meet. However, as you know them better, you can also make out the stark differences.

     3. Food

India is one of the countries where people can come only for the food. From having a wide range of street foods to the delights of cuisines like Mughal, Rajasthani, Bengali, there is a lot in store. Be a Phuchka in Bengal or Vada Pao in Maharashtra, be it Biriyani in Hyderabad or Idli in Tamil Nadu, there is a so much to savor. Being really close to Nepal and Tibet, you’d also find amazing recipes of dumplings and noodles.

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     4. Heritage

India was one of the richest countries before the rough British invasion. It is also the only country in a world to have never invaded another. India has a long heritage that gives us glimpses of the past. From royal palaces to state-owned museums, there is simply so much to know about this country. No matter which city you visit, you will find it reflect their age-old heritage.

     5. Culture

From the Kashmiri people in the north to the Malayali people in the south – the cultural diversity is unparallel. You won’t find another country have so many cultures coinciding with each other and living in peace. They represent the cosmopolitan side of the country and how people with different values can live in harmony.

     6. Hospitality

India is known to be one of the most hospitable destinations where people are always ready to help you. They might not know the language you speak, but they can still guide you or at least hear you out. Hospitality is one reason why people look up to this place and wish to return over and over again.

     7. Sights to see

India is a lovely country that majorly comprises of rural areas that are full of greenery. Even though you are less likely to be around those areas, they are some of the most picturesque places you could be. India has the tallest statue in the world and also a wonder of the world – Taj Mahal. There is a lot of history and heritage that beautifully blends and offers some of the best places to visit.

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     8Visas are easy to get

It is pretty easy to get a visa to come to India compared to many other parts of the world. India allows people from all parts of the world and lets them make communities stronger. Many people stay back after coming to India just because of a distinct feeling of love and interest.

India is a country that allows you to watch mountains the seas and walk by the cityscapes with local street food. People who come over to this land wish to return here over and over again. It is smart to book a long vacation and visit the east, west, north, and south.

It will give you a better idea of cultural differences, food habits, lifestyle, and more. India will give you a lot to take back and all you need to do is be open to accept the beautiful abode. Lastly, make sure you visit the mighty Himalayan ranges as it is one of the most beautiful sights that this world has to offer.

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