Caring Tips After Hair Transplant For A Superb ‘New-Hair’ Look

Caring Tips After Hair Transplant For A Superb 'New-Hair' Look

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Did you just get a hair transplant? If so, then you need to read this! In order to ensure that the post-transplant period goes as smoothly as possible, there are a number of things you must do. Following the tips listed here will prevent infection and make sure that your newly transplanted follicles grow hair as they should. These tips, from Seager Medical Group, are also very easy to follow. Here’s what you need to know.

You’ll need to Take Antibiotics and Medication to Prevent Swelling

Many clinics will give you several prescriptions once your hair transplant is done. These include an antibiotic, which will prevent infection from setting in, as well as a medication that will keep the swelling on your scalp down. Make sure that you follow your surgeon’s instructions and take them as required. You don’t want to deal with a painful and possibly life-threatening infection after the transplant. Also, keeping the swelling down will also make your healing less painful. Remember that a hair transplant is indeed surgery – just on a different part of your body! You’ll need to allow your scalp to heal properly.

Use a Special Shampoo

Your hair transplant clinic will also give you a special shampoo to use as a part of your aftercare procedures. Make sure that you use it as instructed. This shampoo is designed to work with your transplanted follicles in order to keep them healthy. Of course, it will clean your other hair as well. It’s important to use this shampoo for 14 days after the transplant. You won’t be able to wash your hair the day of your surgery, but you can do this the next day. Just use warm water and wash your hair like you normally do. There isn’t anything different here, except for the shampoo.

Caring Tips After Hair Transplant For A Superb 'New-Hair' Look

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Be Patient

Several days after the procedure, the hairs in your transplanted follicles will fall out. They’ll begin to grow back in, and by three months after the hair transplant, you’ll be ready for a haircut again. Don’t see a barber until this point in time. Going in too soon can irritate those newly transplanted follicles. You won’t have to worry about your hair growing out of control during this time period since your head will be completely shaved for the procedure.

After the Procedure

There are plenty of post-hair transplant procedures that you’ll need to follow, according to Seager Medical Group. These include not drinking alcohol for seven days afterward. Alcohol thins the blood and can affect healing. You also should not go back to work right away. We think that taking between seven and 14 days off is just what you need for your scalp to begin to heal properly. Also, don’t go into a swimming pool for 14 days, and stay out of the sun as much as possible during this period as well. Ideally, take care of yourself, try not to stress out, and get plenty of rest, too.

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