10 Amazing and Eco-Friendly Gifting Ideas For Students

10 Amazing and Eco-Friendly Gifting Ideas For Students

You should do your best for the environment in any way you can. Part of that means giving good gifts along that line to students (and maybe even some funny drinking quotes). You need to give them things that are made of recyclable and recycled materials for the most part.

  1. Recycled Filler Paper: You can get some great recycled filler paper when you look online. The brands that are out there are reliable. You simply go online and find the best you can to meet the need.
  2. Banana Paper for printers: This is something smart to do too. The banana paper does not use wood pulp. It works just as well for printing and it is a durable form of paper.
  3. Good bags: This is something that you might not think of right away but good messenger bags are a smart idea. You do this so your student has something to carry anything in. The message on the side is just a discount for marketing. You can get them at a good price.
  4. EcoGear: You will discover a number of great bags in this line if you look at it. They are made from all natural materials and can be fully recycled if worse comes to worst. These bags are manufactured with the environment in mind. Look into getting them.
  5. Recycled permanent markers: You need to provide markers. Most markers are a bane on the environment and they are toxic too. Instead of getting the same old same old, get recycled permanent markers for your student. Recycled goods are best for nature.
  6. Non-toxic glue sticks: This is more of something for the elementary school kids but it can work for the rest of the students too. All you have to do is get some glue sticks that are not toxic. They are out there.
  7. Recycled paper clips: It so very important to use recycled materials as much as possible. There are many benefits and this goes for most metals in particular. Getting recycled paper clips is a big step. The students are very much sure to use them.
  8. Recycled rubber erasers: You need to get as many recycled items as you can. There is no guarantee that they will be recycled in turn. Rubber erasers come in handy for all students from all walks of life. You will find a number of good recycled versions available for purchase.
  9. Organic dorm room bedding: This is something you may not have thought of. You should look for organic dorm room bedding as it is smart. You just buy the best you can find and you do it because it has a low environmental impact.
  10. A good air filter: The air that you breathe is important. It needs to be clean and free of debris. This means getting out mold and dust and chemicals too.

Make smart buying choices for your student. Mostly, they will be tossing things away when they are done and that is why you need to start out with recycled items. From there, you can get as creative as you want to.

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