Best banking apps to manage your savings account

Best banking apps to manage your savings account

Mobile banking apps have made banking services more accessible. Along with money transfers and shopping, mobile banking apps provide a range of services to help manage your money. Several apps allow easy fund management, account monitoring, and tracking of expenses. However, you must consider a bank, its online services, and its user-friendly interface before opening a bank account to have complete control over your bank account.

How to decide on the best banking app to manage your savings account?

You can consider a few criteria when choosing a bank for a savings bank account.
  • Type of services offered through a mobile app
When considering a savings bank account, check the type of services you can avail of using the mobile banking app. Several mobile apps offer flexibility to open a bank account and use services like credit cards and loans.
  • Flexibility to monitor your account
Banks and financial institutions offer a range of services through mobile banking applications. You can go through the features and specifications of the app to understand the level of flexibility you get to monitor your account.
  • User-friendly interface
Although most mobile apps are user-friendly, a few stand out for providing customisation and easy-to-use services. You can research to find the best mobile banking apps to manage your savings account.

Top banking apps to manage your savings account

Here is the list of top mobile banking apps to manage your savings account when searching for a bank account.
  • IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app
IDFC FIRST Bank is one of the leading banks in India, offering several mobile banking services like savings accounts, current accounts, deposits, and investment schemes. You can manage all your accounts in one place using IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app. The app also provides complete banking service at your fingertips, right from opening an account to managing your expenses. You can also raise and redress your queries using the mobile banking app.
  • HDFC Bank mobile banking app
HDFC Bank offers various banking services on its mobile app. Using the app, you can open an account, track expenses, manage your account, pay through UPI, NEFT, RGTS and IMPS transactions and raise queries for different purposes
  • SBI YONO mobile app
SBI offers a host of banking products and services through its mobile app. You can avail of services like account management, fund transfers, open deposit, and investment account, and apply for starting and stopping various services. YONO SBI app is available to Android and iOS users.
  • ICICI Bank Mobile App
ICICI Bank's mobile app comes with almost all the services you can avail of by visiting the branch. You can customise the app according to your convenience and use and transfer funds through IMPS, RTGS, NEFT and UPI. The app also allows you to track expenses, block and limit your cards and open deposit and investment accounts.
  • Axis Bank Mobile App
It offers a no. of banking products and services. Using the bank's app, you can transfer funds through various payment channels. Moreover, the bank also offers options to customise the app menu per your requirements. Mobile banking apps add convenience to your banking experience. You can save a lot of time using the services offered by the app. However, you must find the best bank that offers comprehensive banking services and flexibility to access your savings account. Also Read: Weighing You Options: Understanding the Pros and Cons of Cash Loans

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