What You Need To Do When One Of Your Teeth Cracks


Having a chipped or cracked tooth is not something that everyone experiences, so it is not always obvious what you can do when you find yourself or a family member in this position. If this is not something that you have thought about before, do not despair. Below you will find a guide on what you can do between the accident and seeing a dentist. 

A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth

There are many different ways that you can crack or chip a tooth, and the most common occurrences are sports injuries, fighting, or eating. By whatever means the damage happens, the treatment is going to be the same, and you must seek the services of a reputable dentist as soon as you can. Whether you have an emergency dentist in Sydney CBD or anywhere else in the city, try to see them as quickly as you can, and they will do their best to save and repair the damaged tooth. However, if there is going to be a delay before you can see the dentist, there are things that you can do to manage the pain and also take care of the damaged tooth.

Keep Your Mouth Clean

It is essential to keep your mouth as clean as you can before you can visit your dentist and have them take care of the problem. Rinse your mouth out with warm salt water regularly which will help to keep it clean, and you may wish to avoid hot or cold drinks which may cause pain if the crack is close to the nerve. 

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Stop Any Swelling With Ice

Depending on how severe the accident was that caused the cracked or chipped tooth, you may also experience swelling. You do not want to put ice in your mouth directly, alternatively use an ice pack on the outside of your face, which can help to reduce any swelling and also help to alleviate pain.

Dealing With A Sharp Or Jagged Tooth

You may be left with a sharp or jagged edge on the broken tooth, and this can be dealt with temporarily with things that you have at home or can get in your local pharmacy. You can use some wax paraffin or even sugarless chewing gum and use these to cover the jagged edge or sharp point. Doing so will help to prevent cutting your cheek or tongue on the tooth, especially when you are eating.

See Your Dentist

The most important thing to do when you damage your teeth in such a way as this is to get it looked at by a dentist as quickly as you can. The longer you leave it, the higher the chance you have of developing further problems which could lead to extraction and potentially more significant dental bills. If your dentist does not offer emergency hours treatment, ask them to recommend a clinic that does that you can see in case of emergency, and keep this in your contacts in case you ever need it.

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