Modern Business: 5 Tips On Hosting Video Game Tournaments For Money

Modern Business: 5 Tips On Hosting Video Game Tournaments For Money

You look around your empty store with a sigh. You just haven’t been able to bring in as much traffic to your business that you originally anticipated when you started up. You need to find out how to reach out to fresh faces.

Video games are actually way bigger than they have been in the past. So much so that it could be worth it to reach out and take advantage of the market. The best way to do this is by hosting a tournament.

Keep reading for a few tips on how to host video game tournaments for money and reach out to this demographic.

1. Understand the Game that You’re Hosting

If you’re planning to host a PUBG tournament on Twitch you’ll want to be familiar with PUBG. This is so if any problems occur you can step in and handle it, not just leave it to a team of judges.

Also, you’re going to want to decorate your venue to go with the theme of whatever game you’re hosting. You can’t do that if you’ve never played the game yourself.

2. Hire Well Known Announcers

While you can obviously announce the tournament yourself if you get a famous announcer then this will help you pull a crowd. You can bring in a popular streamer or Youtuber depending on how much money you have in your event budget.

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3. Spring for the Good Hardware

You don’t want to use systems that are falling apart or controllers with missing parts for a game tournament the same way you wouldn’t give someone bent or torn cards for a poker one.

It makes it really hard for you to have fun if your joysticks are missing the squishies or your system is constantly freezing.

4. Go Out of the Box

It’s okay to try something a little different with your tournament. For example, everyone has a ton of fun with Mario Cart. You can break out the Dance Dance Revolution or Rock Band.

The point is, not every tournament has to be brawlers and shooters. You can put just about any competitive game in a bracket.

5. Don’t Try and Do it All on Your Own

It’s really hard to run a video game tournament on your own. It can be expensive to run a big one if you don’t at least have a few partners to help sponsor it. You may also be able to grab a few hardware sponsors to contribute some quality consoles.

Keep in mind that reaching out to sponsors will be expensive but it can be more costly to have an unsuccessful tournament because you didn’t.

How to Host Video Game Tournaments for Money

If your business isn’t getting the traffic that you want you should do something fun like host video game tournaments for money. It’s simple, it can draw a crowd in, and get you a few lasting customers. Use these tips to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

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Sometimes not even doing something cool like hosting a video game tournament can help save a business. Keep reading to see some of the common problems new businesses face so you can avoid them.

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