How to select best Food for Cats & Dogs

How to select best Food for Cats & Dogs

Of course, nobody believes that the best food for pets is natural. But not all gentlemen know how to choose the right diet for their furry animals, and it takes a lot of time. As a result, store products come to the rescue. On how to choose them – let’s talk about it today.

Type of Food for Cats:

The best and the most expensive – it’s canned. All cats love him. There are no features here. Among these foods are all the substances and vitamins that cats need which have a pleasant consistency for the animal and provide the required amount of moisture. In addition, these foods are made from high-quality ingredients and quality. But the high price of most people does not allow these foods to be used in the daily diet of the animal.

The wet food looks attractive, but it is much less practical and tasteful than canned food. It consists mainly of soy protein and various chemical additives. All this shows that pets are completely useless, even though the costs are very low.

Most cat owners like to buy dried food. They are affordable and easy to use. Dry food and cats like that. In high-quality dry foods, the normal function of the cat’s body requires everything. These foods can be used in cats and as daily cat food.

How to Choose:

Of course, if you do not have particular knowledge, it is difficult to understand the various streams that are currently being sold. But please listen to our advice and pay attention to the following details:

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Don’t be fooled by glorious names. Different “super prizes” and “veterinary recommendations” are usually written to attract customers.

Examine the ingredients carefully. Remember that the thread components in the list are sorted in descending order of percent in the thread.

Ingredient name must be clear and easy to understand. If it’s meat, what kind of meat should be written? What does it mean as a grain?

Do not buy food with strange and vague conditions – fish or chicken bowl or “meat” instead of “meat and garbage can.” These names often hide different waste in slaughterhouse production.

Type of Food for Dogs:

Dog food can be divided into several categories. The cheapest food is in economy class. These foods are useless for dogs. On the contrary, it causes health problems because there is no difference in the quality of its ingredients. In this food you really can’t find meat, but not the waste of very high quality. Soy, wheat and other carnivorous harmful fillers make up the bulk of this food.

Next is the advanced course. They already have a small amount of meat. Normally it does not normally exceed 30%. The number of main ingredients includes rice. This food is already suitable for adult dogs, although it is not perfect.

The queue in the evaluation is a high-quality stream. In such foods, there is already a large amount of proper meat, only useful by-products. These foods contain no flavor enhancers or artificial flavors. These foods are good for puppies and must not harm your health. Of course, the price is higher than the price of other foods.

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The best food you can buy is a holistic journey. These foods contain many meats, vegetables, berries, and fruits. This food will give your dog adequate nutrition. But these foods are very expensive, and not everyone can afford them.

How to Choose:

The advice on choosing dog food is no different than the choice of cat food. You must carefully read the composition of the product. Another thing to consider is the dog’s age, size, and activity. Puppies, for example, need foods with high levels of glucose and fat, while older dogs need more fiber, complex carbohydrates, and protein. For larger dogs, the size of the pellets must be large. But this foster dog’s small breed can’t keep it at all.

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