How tight should a waist trainer be?

How tight should a waist trainer be?

Most of us want to look slim with the 'hourglass' figure, but who has the time to spend on diets and cardio? There is an unexpected party or something of the sort where your appearance matters, what to do? It is here that a waist trainer comes to your rescue. A waist trainer gives no less than a 2-3 inch reduction in your waistline instantly, what more, it's not only for women, there are waist trainer gym wear and t-shirts, just for that cause.

Now that you have decided to buy a waist trainer, not sure how tight it should be? You are in the right place!! This article shows what to expect while wearing a waist trainer for the first few times. Before jumping into that, we shall look into some few important things to be kept in mind and done before purchasing a waist trainer.

#1 Measure your waistline

How tight should a waist trainer be?

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Before walking into a shop or logging in to an online store, make sure you have a frank, accurate measure of your waistline. Don't worry, only you would know about it.

#2 Look into the Sizing Chart for each product

How tight should a waist trainer be?

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In waist trainers, there is no particular standard unit for measuring the size. So, each product like T-shirts, gym apparel and other waist trainers have their own sizing chart depicting what length of waistline comes under which size of the waist trainer. Take a look at this and then decide which waist trainer to personalize.

#3 Choose the larger one

If you get stuck between sizes, go for the larger one, you will be saved from the effort of buying one again anytime in near future.

#4 Try it on

Just like any other garment, try it on once you receive it, and then make decisions only if you are comfortable in it or you think it is of the perfect size for you.

Wondering how to decide that a particular size is the perfect one for you? Here are a few tips.

#1 Precaution while measuring

While measuring your waistline, make sure you take the measurement of your waist about two inches above your belly button, in such a way that you can easily slide two fingers into the tape. Also, take measurements according to the chart of the product, like there are products which require the hip size.

#2 Consider your body type

How tight should a waist trainer be?

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It happens sometimes that there are discrepancies, even if the size is determined by the actual measuring. Steel boned corsets are ideal for waist cinching and goes hand in hand with the waist trainer. So, try to find the waist trainer perfect for your body shape . for example, women with curvier bodies can consider vest style trainers with adjustable straps for maximum bust support.

#3 Purpose

How tight should a waist trainer be?

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Though the ultimate purpose of every waist trainer is to make you look slim and fabulous even in your cute custom t-shirt. a waist trainer actually reduces the waistline over a period of time, there are various products designed for various uses.

After having these in mind, let's look into what is normal and what is not while wearing waist trainers for the first time.


1. It is very tight.

2. You can't bend very much at the waist.

3. More sweating in your core.

#Not Normal

1. It is so tight that you can't even breathe properly.

2. You have to risk damaging the waist trainer while putting it on.

3. You are left behind with deep scars and/or wounds after wearing it.

4. It's too loose and there is no change in your waist size after wearing it, or you don't get that 'hourglass' figure after wearing it.

So, these were a few tips on how tight a waist trainer should be to get the best results. To tell it in a nutshell, it should not be so tight that it suffocates you, also not so loose so that it does not alter the shape of your body while using it.

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