DIY improvements to make to your home after the winter months


After the winter months have passed, there are a lot of DIY projects we need to complete on our property. The harsh weather can have a significant impact on the areas of our home. The strong winds, heavy rainfall, and snow all cause issues to our home. Therefore, it’s worth making some changes to your home as winter passes to put it back into working order. You want to make sure your property looks its best when you enter the spring and summer months. Here are some DIY improvements to make to your home after the winter months.

Improve your roof

The harsh weather takes its toll on the roof of your property. For one thing, you might find the gutters on the roof are full of leaves and moss after the winter months. You need to clean these out thoroughly to make sure your roof working efficiently into the spring and summer. Otherwise, the build-up will cause issues to your home. You should also replace any missing shingles and check the quality of the ones that remain so that you replace them before they cause leaks in your property. These commonly get damaged after the severe winter months.

You could also give your roof a touch up of paint, especially if it has been damaged during the winter months. It will not only boost your kerb appeal, but it could boost the value of your home if you do give it a touch-up. Airless spraying is the easiest way to paint the roof, but make sure you clean it properly before you begin the paint job.

Enhance your garage

Another area of your home which can get damaged during the winter months is the garage. The doors can easily get damaged after the effects of the winter weather. It might be the case you just need to give the garage a touch up of paint. It will help to cover up any marks and stains from the bad weather. You might find that your garage door doesn’t work properly after the winter months. The inclement weather can have a damaging effect on the mechanism of the garage door. Therefore, you might want to look into a garage door such as side hinged which will offer an easy way to get into your garage and will keep your items safe inside. This new door will also help to give you more space inside the garage for your belongings. To help prevent damage to your garage floor and exterior surfaces, consider contacting experts in power washing.

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Make sure the lock is working on the garage door after winter. This can easily be replaced for a new one if you do find the bad weather has an impact on the lock. Cleaning out the garage is also a must after the winter months to remove any dust that you might find in the area.

Clean those windows and doors 

The windows and doors will have taken a hit during the winter months. Therefore, you should make some DIY improvements to the windows and doors after the poor weather. First things first, you need to check for any leaks and deal with them quickly before subsequent issues occur. You don’t want water in your property so it’s important to sort these issues out. You should also clean all the windows and doors in your property after the window months. You can then spot any mold growth that you need to deal with quickly and it will also ensure your home is looking its best as you enter the warmer months.

Doors are also worth repainting after winter to give them a fresh look. Painting them in a bright new color will help them to stand out and will stop them looking old and shabby after a spout of bad weather. Going for a protective sealant will also help them when the sun hits to keep them looking in good condition.

Sort your garden

You need to also look at how to improve your garden after the winter months. The cold weather can leave your lawned area looking rather unloved. It’s worth replacing any dead grass and applying some grass seed to ensure it flourishes as we head towards the warmer months. Also, remove any dead plants and opt for some new flowers to give the garden some life. You will also find that your outer buildings in the garden will need some TLC after the winter months.

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Sheds and greenhouses are often left in a poor condition after the winter months. Opting for a paint sealant will not only refresh them but will protect them from warmer weather. Also, make sure no panels are missing from greenhouses so that if there are any issues, you can replace them quickly. It’s worth giving items like benches a lick of paint too so that they look refreshed after the harsh winter weather.

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