A Diamond Wedding Ring’s Journey: The Hows of Cutting and Polishing

Diamond Wedding Ring’s

When diamonds are being mined out of the earth, they don’t look as well polished. These are rough diamonds and they look very different from store-bought diamonds. When choosing a diamond wedding ring, it helps to know how they become valuable.

Why is there a need to cut and polish diamonds? Why is a commercially-pleasing diamond preferred? Do cut and polished diamonds have more value?

If you plan on getting diamond wedding rings then continue reading below. We’ll tell you some of the basics when it comes to cleaning up diamonds. We’re here to help you make the right choice.

Reasons for Enhancing a Rough Diamond

The diamonds you see at the diamond store Vancouver isn’t the original form of the stones. Many experts prefer to cut diamonds for better light performance. Most customers go for brilliant diamonds. This is why polishing and cutting is necessary to sell these diamonds.

Although there are also trends of using rough diamonds. If you prefer the classic diamond look there’s nothing wrong with it either,

Cutting and polishing diamonds have become practice. This is to turn them into symmetrical shapes. Having a predetermined shape helps the diamond fit standard jewelry settings.

What a Diamond Goes Through to Become Commercially-available

Diamonds are popular in wedding rings because of their maximum light performance. To get a specific level of shine, rough diamonds need to go through a massive makeover. Below are the processes of cutting and polishing diamonds.

1. .Determining the Diamond Cut

There are varieties in diamond cuts and this is an important part of the process. The right cut turns the diamond into a suitable shape. A good diamond cutter also knows how to lessen diamond rough wastage. They don’t only have to plan the right shape to cut but also how to make the best use of diamond wastage.

2. Splitting the Rough Diamond

This process is also what you call as sawing or cleaving the diamond. It’s where the rough diamond is being cut into pieces wherein each piece is being shaped on its own. One rough diamond can turn into many several shaped diamonds. It’s a process that needs expertise and precision from the cutter.

3. Transforming Diamonds Into Basic Shapes

The process of placing two stones against each other on a spinning axis is what you call bruting. Some know it as girdling as well. This is where the stones cut each other and turn into their desired shapes.

4. Adding More Light to the Diamond

This is the last part of making the diamonds form symmetrical shapes and getting their shine. This is where all 57 facets of the diamond start showing up. Same as the previous processes, this part should be done with precision.

Why Processed Diamonds Have a Higher Value

People buy diamonds for their physical appearance. The better the cut and the shinier they look, the more profitable they are. The process is tedious and needs experts to get it done, but the results are impressive. This is why it’s worth it to get diamonds for your wedding rings.

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