9 Best ways to increase traffic to your blog

9 Best ways to increase traffic to your blog

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Blogs are one of the most effective and popular platforms of sharing information online. There are several reasons for increasing the traffic to your blog, including monetary gains, public exposure and showcasing your skills.

Here are 9 best ways to increase traffic to your blog:

1)   Enhance Your Content – Organise the content of your blog into categories that make it possible for readers and potential buyers to obtain easily what they are seeking. Such categorization includes subtitles, bullet points, and lists. This way, by optimizing your blog content, you attract maximal traffic.

Work a bit on your blog’s Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Make sure to include keywords and keyword phrases as search engines recognize themes of related content.

9 Best ways to increase traffic to your blog SEO

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2)   Define Your Target Audience – Most importantly, consider who is going to read your blog, i.e. your target audience. Address this audience directly with the blog content that they want to read. This way they’d most likely suggest reading your content, to their peers.

Social media channels, for instance, Twitter gives you a fairly good insight on who reads your blog, i.e. through the list of your followers. In order to get an even better insight, sign up to web traffic analysis company websites such as Alexa.com. Through such companies, you’d get detailed information about your blog’s visitors such as gender and their browsing location.

3)   Make Sure Your Blog Works Properly – It is certainly frustrating and annoying for visitors to discover that your blog page fails to load. Irrespective of the number of readers hitting on your blog, if it fails to work properly, the readers will not stay, and will most likely not return. Also, search engines like Google would penalize your blog in its search rankings if the blog is unable to load within two seconds.

In order to have a consistently visible blog, use a high-performance web host to load it fast. This way you’d certainly impress the visitors to your blog.

Another aspect of the proper functioning of your blog is broken link building. Broken links on your blog, for example, 404 error pages, negatively affect the user experience on it. Hence, you lose the opportunity of winning loyal readers.

4)   Advertise as Much as Possible – The best way to let people know about your blog is to advertise. You can use two types of advertising, namely free and paid.

There are two ways to do free advertising of your blog. One way is by word of mouth through free social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, which provides appreciable monetary benefits.  Consider which social networks your target audience is most active on, and interact with them there.

Another way to advertise your blog for free is to be a part of various groups that have deep knowledge of your blog’s topic. You could share other people’s posts through Twitter and get your own content shared in turn.

There are three main types of paid digital advertising, namely, Search engine advertising (e.g. Google Adwords), Using Social Media(e.g. Facebook ads), and Banner advertising on other people’s websites or blogs.

The easiest form of paid digital advertising of blogs is banner advertising. The reason is that you need to simply buy an advert placement on somebody else’s blog. Seek blogs that, in your knowledge, have similar readers to your own and also more traffic. This way, potential readers are more likely to click on your blog’s ad banner, love your blog and follow you.

5)   Submit Your Blog to Search Engines – It’s a good way to get major search engines to discover your blog and display it in someone’s search results. Every major search engine has a dedicated link site and directories that permit you to submit your blog URL to the engine. You can submit your blog to the search engines either manually, or by hiring services to do so.

6)   Grab Your Reader’s Attention with Great Content – When writing a blog, make sure that your content is unique, informative, and captivating. Even if you are writing about something that somebody else has already covered, try to make your version exceptional. In order to make your content memorable, do excellent research and write in a tone particular to you and your blog. This way your readers are most likely to remark about and also share your content with others.

7)   Update your Blog Frequently – Make sure to always keep your blog fresh, i.e. updated. Invest some quality time keeping your blog interesting and improving on its design.

Increase your frequency of posting articles to your blog. For instance, if you’ve been posting a couple of fresh articles every month, increase your posting frequency to a couple of fresh articles every week.

If you already have a practice of posting a couple of articles per week, start posting 3-4. However, keep in mind to refrain from posting articles more frequently by compromising on content quality.

8)   Create an email list – One of the greatest sources of returning visitors to your blog content is your list of email subscribers. In reality, most people read a blog again only if they are subscribed to it. Your email subscribers are actually letting you send them your blog posts on a continual basis.

So, send an email to your subscribers’ list as soon as you publish fresh content on your blog. This way they receive a link to access the content. By expanding your list of email subscribers, you will surely boost traffic to your blog with every email communication.

9)   Guest blogging – This is an excellent method for boosting traffic to your blog since it provides you with somebody else’s blog’s existing readers. Guest blogging works in a simple manner. You write content limited to somebody else’s blog, and this way they are able to publish a fresh post to their blog without the need of writing it themselves. At the bottom of your post, make sure to add a brief bio data about yourself and a link returning to your blog.

Guest blogging is, in fact, an absolute win-win because if readers enjoy your article, then it becomes easy for them to visit your blog. To begin with guest blogging, research such blogs written by others that are most frequented by your target readers.

Adhere to the blogger’s specific guidelines before submitting your post to the blog. This way you surely increase the probability of your submission getting accepted. Also, choose to write posts for blogs that receive a higher amount of traffic compared to yours.

It takes hard work, time, focus and patience to have a successful blog.

On reading up these easy pointers and by being consistent and persistent, eventually, you will achieve the desired results.

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