10 best tools for your child’s first toolbox

10 best tools for your child’s first toolbox

Children have amazing creativity and imagination. But it is for us to cultivate it in them and bring out the best of their imaginative skills. We often focus on buying building toys such as blocks etc. and we glow with pride when we see them building bridges and buildings and other such creative objects. But did you know that you could go beyond blocks, and give them a real taste of exploring their talents? This will also allow your child to develop a variety of skills and abilities.

Such kind of exploration will definitely imbibe into your kids' personalities development attributes such as problem-solving, social conditions, motor skills and coordination other than of course, creativity and imagination.

You can introduce your child to the world of tools around the age of five to six years. Start by navigating him or her through small basic tool kit items such as screws and nails; this will ensure a curious interest in the child. If you can go for it, you could even try out the Tools Work Station for a better edge on providing them with the best knowledge about using the tools.

Here we bring you some exciting ideas for the best tools for your child’s first toolbox kit:

  1. Tape Measure
10 best tools for your child's first toolbox


A tape measure is great for a child of any age. It will teach your child the importance of accuracy and also counting numbers. This, of course, will also set them on track with numbers as a maths lesson. You could invigorate the kids’ interest by being interactive with them. Ask them to assist you when you work or simply ask them to measure something and tell you the measurement.

2. Screw Drivers

10 best tools for your child's first toolbox


A screwdriver is simply a must for a child who is exploring tools and its usages. Make sure you have one in your toolbox. Allow your child to ‘fix’ some broken items in the house. As they take everything out and try to fix every part back, jump in at the right opportunity, and show them how a screwdriver is used. This will also help them understand how every part fits in together.

3. Duct Tape

Duct tape will help your kid to wrap up a box or a wire. Children love duct tape and they will enjoy the easy fix-it job.

4. Folding Knife

A basic folding knife will make it easy for your child to use around the house or to do some simple DIY projects. You can ask them to assist you while cutting a rope that you need or during camping and fishing trips. Explain to the child to be careful and how to use the knife properly.

5. Pliers

10 best tools for your child's first toolbox


Pliers are a great tool to teach the child skills such as using the control of just one-hand. It can be used to loosen or to tighten a screw. A set of pliers adds perfection with a screwdriver and some bolts and helps in the child’s creativity.

6. Coping Saw

A coping saw will help the children to learn the importance of sawing and to further use the power saw when they grow up. This will be their first cutting tool. Coping saw for kids is also lightweight and also the blades are easily changeable, adding to the easiness of the product.

7. Adjustable Wrench

10 best tools for your child's first toolbox


With an adjustable wrench, your child could fasten or tighten bolts. That is why an adjustable wrench will help your child to understand the art of fixing even better. Give your kid an adjustable wrench to teach them how to tighten and loosen the jaws.

8. Torpedo Level

A basic torpedo level helps in teaching children the importance of building things straight and true. This will make them align items properly in a straight line.

9. Ball Peen Hammer

A lightweight ball peen hammer would make it a great first hammer. It is lightweight which makes it easier to swing. Also, an advantage is that there is no claw on it’s back making it all the more it safe to use.

10. Flashlight

10 best tools for your child's first toolbox


An LED flashlight is a utility tool which every child should have. It will help you explain to them the importance of light. Teach them to use it at night and talk to them about shadows and lights.


One of the easiest ways to entertain a child into using toolkits is through giving them a toolbox of their own. One such toolkit box by Black & Decker is a very good idea. It resembles the real Tool Box and contains all the accurate tools such as hammer, screwdriver, kid safe saw, wrench, and other assorted tools. All items are made out of plastic and there are a total of 14 pieces altogether. Since the tools look so real, imagine the child’s reaction when he/she opens his/ her box of treasure! Of course, you could also try other brands such as Theo Klein Bosch - My Kids Tool Box, Little Tikes - My First Kids Toolbox etc. Alternatively, you could also use tool pouches like CP4 which will be convenient for your child to keep and carry their tools safely.

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